Wednesday 16 October 2013


in the absence of a functioning camera, i figured i'd shower you all with a few instagram snaps from the last few weeks. these pretty much demonstrate my idea of autumn dressing, along with my love for a good black ankle boot (you can never have too many). always love to wear a stripe, aswell as some tartan/checks.

head over to my instagram @thestylishheart for some more snaps!

Tuesday 17 September 2013

teddy bear

coat - topshop (old), jumper & skirt - zara, boots - office.

i call this coat my teddy bear coat, for reasons that are pretty obvious - this coat is essentially made of a giant teddy bear. which is everything you could want in a coat, right? so cuddly. oh and it goes with everything (i hear versatility is a big deal). i also wanted to post this (crappy, iphone-taken) photo to illustrate that LOOK! AUTUMN IS HERE! LEAVES! i can't say my hair is enjoying the sudden rain/wind situation but boy am i enjoying jumpers again.

Sunday 14 July 2013

drop red

dress - urban outfitters, bag & shoes - zara.

i used to be afraid, very afraid, of a drop-waist. they feel kind of like a peplum that's sagged. but this dress has changed my mind with it's cute print and not-too-tenty fit. i also caved and bought one of those pairs of zara heels in the sale (damn you zara sale, damn you).

Wednesday 10 July 2013


blouse & bag - zara / jeans - topshop / shoes - office.

oh boy it's been hot hasn't it? apparently not hot enough for me to stop wearing jeans, though. i still added summery vibes to this outfit though with the floaty blouse & straw hat, which i've had for so long that i couldn't even tell you where it's from! i scored this blouse in the zara sale, i love it's tiny little polka dots (yep, still a big fan of those...). i never used to be a huge fan of zara but lately i've pretty much wanted EVERYTHING FROM ZARA EVER.

Sunday 16 June 2013

denim, dungarees

 jacket, top & playsuit - topshop, bag - zara, boots - office.

so this is my take on the whole dungaree trend - i'm not sure if i could quite pull off denim dungarees, but gosh darn it if i'm not very tempted to try. but for now, black will do. paired with trusty stripes & a denim jacket that might just be the coolest thing in my wardrobe, i'm all set for this mad english weather we're having. tights in june, really? although secretly i'm just thankful i don't have to show the world my crazy pale legs quite yet.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

striped pastels

jumper - zara, skirt - topshop, bag - aldo @ asos, boots - office

i can't even count how many times i've worn this outfit! it's one of my very favourites. i wear this jumper all the time, it's so versatile, and i think i'm starting to prefer stripes to polka dots. i can't say i've bought into the pastel trend too much (everything on offer seemed to just be too sweet), but this skirt won me over with it's cute details.

also just to say, i've been quite overwhelmed with how much of a positive and kind response i've had from you all since i started blogging again! thank you!

i've also got addicted to instagram (very late to the partay), follow me - @thestylishheart

Sunday 9 June 2013

that's mint

jacket, skirt, tee - topshop, hat - h&m, bag - zara, shoes - office.

oh gee whizz, this skirt is something else. mint is a colour i really love, therefore this skirt is something i really love. keeping it simple with the rest of the outfit, just black & white. the thought of wearing a cropped tea used to fill me with dread (pale stomach on full show? oh god oh god) but after giving it way more thought than i should have, i figured that i only really wear high-waisted bottom halves therefore the most people would ever see would be a flash of rib. conclusion: i bought this tee.

also, super sorry for doing the whole jacket-on-shoulder thang but the outfit felt a bit bare without the jacket but i didn't want to actually wear it. blogger woes.