Sunday, 14 July 2013

drop red

dress - urban outfitters, bag & shoes - zara.

i used to be afraid, very afraid, of a drop-waist. they feel kind of like a peplum that's sagged. but this dress has changed my mind with it's cute print and not-too-tenty fit. i also caved and bought one of those pairs of zara heels in the sale (damn you zara sale, damn you).

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


blouse & bag - zara / jeans - topshop / shoes - office.

oh boy it's been hot hasn't it? apparently not hot enough for me to stop wearing jeans, though. i still added summery vibes to this outfit though with the floaty blouse & straw hat, which i've had for so long that i couldn't even tell you where it's from! i scored this blouse in the zara sale, i love it's tiny little polka dots (yep, still a big fan of those...). i never used to be a huge fan of zara but lately i've pretty much wanted EVERYTHING FROM ZARA EVER.