Wednesday, 28 July 2010

1. kate moss for topshop playsuit worn underneath, topshop top
2. vintage denim shirt, UO amazing shorts

just a couple of random snaps today, the actual outfit photos for both of these outfits didn't come out very well - i'm very choosey with my photos (of course it has nothing to do with the awful faces i seem to pull in 90% of them...)

i was really pleased to be included in 2 different features this week! it's so flattering to even be thought of for these things and it's way beyond what i expected to happen when i started this blog. it's beyond-words exciting! here's the links to them -

on another note, i was recognised from lookbook today! it's the first time i've ever been recognised by someone so it was very surreal and i was so shocked that i think i just babbled a load of nonsense. sadly i forgot to ask the girls name, but she was so sweet and if you happen to read my blog then please let me know it was you! you made my day!

Sunday, 25 July 2010


everything from topshop!

only when writing the above did i realise this is an all-topshop outfit (even the socks), oh dear. i hope it doesn't look too obvious.

simple outfit, very comfortable, although the shorts felt a bit too short. i'm starting to look forward to autumn and winter now, i'm craving layers and i enjoy dressing much more when it's cold, and i love wearing scarves and hats and such. already eyeing up some amazing knitwear to buy this week.

Monday, 19 July 2010

desperate to entertain

spotted dress worn as top - topshop, shorts - h&m, lace-up boots and bag - topshop

somehow i managed to turn this chunky dress into a top - there was some serious tucking in going on to make this look half decent. i just started thinking how i'd love a top like this dress and decided to try and fashion it for myself. much cheaper than buying a whole new top!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

the girls from art school

cardigan, black lace shorts & tan rucksack - topshop, boots - office (on sale), scarf - thrifted

my outfit from friday night. my first wear of my new boots and they are very comfortable. i already have some similar black boots but i liked these and they were cheap (note to self - must show more self-restraint). i really like this outfit, it's plain but the scarf jazzes things up and i have to say it's one of my favourite outfits i've worn in a long time. i always feel more 'stylish' when i'm wearing shorts and a top, sometimes when i'm wearing a dress, nomatter how great it is, i feel the outfit can be kind of dull sometimes. when there's more different pieces to the outfit it makes it more interesting somehow. just me?

i went to see inception today, has anyone else seen it? i have never felt more confused in a movie before.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

earn your stripes

dress - vintage

just one photo today! i would post more but i'm not happy with how these outfit photos came out. luckily, i've fallen head over heels for this dress so will no doubt wear it again this weekend when i shall take some more photos of it. i found this dress in a vintage shop in the city which i'd never visited before; but it had some amazing stuff and i will definitely be going back for another visit! the dress jumped straight out at me - i love stripes. i don't wear them all that often, though, because i can never seem to find striped tops or dresses with the right cut. but i knew i had to have this dress, it looks amazing and fits so well.

Monday, 12 July 2010

the mall and misery

floral playsuit - vintage, hat - h&m, wedgeclogs - topshop

i love pulling hideous faces! this playsuit is one of the two playsuits i got on my trip to london last week for my birthday (i'm now 22. this scares me.). it's kinda big on me but luckily has a tie at the back so i can pull the waist in, and i worked out that putting a belt round the middle of things and pulling the item over the belt a bit, makes things shorter. genius. anyway, i don't think it looks too bad, and it is so damn comfortable.

have also decided i no longer like this hat. it makes my hair look odd.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

summer days

lace top - UO, shorts - vintage (my mums), stripey bag - UO, wedge/clog hybrids - topshop

i caved. after months of telling myself i hated clogs, i only went and got myself a pair didn't i. damn it. although in my defence they're not clogs like the famous chanel or JC ones, they're actually wedges and not at all hoof-like. really they're not clogs at all other than the wooden sole and tell-tale studs .. oh dear.

i felt very summery in this outfit, and i love these shorts! when my mum produced these bad boys to give to me, i was over the moon. i got the top and the bag in the urban outfitters sale - the bag is amazing. it's just big enough to fit all my stuff in. (i'm one of those people who carries around a lot of (probably unecessary) stuff for every eventuality, because you never know what could happen...).

anyhow, sorry for not posting in a while but i tried in vain to update my blog design to something a bit more interesting.. however it proved to be too difficult for my computerly retarded brain so i've stuck to plain ole white. this does mean i have a lot of outfit posts stacked up ready to post so stay tuned!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

pictures in an exhibition

mesh jumper - h&m, skirt - zara, jelly shoes - topshop, straw hat - norwich market

this hat is just falling to bits! it's brim is getting bent good and proper and it's straw parts are just peeling off. it was kinda cheap though, so. (i would replace it but i still can't find a decent boater hat anywhere)

this is what i wore on a very muggy day in the city. i browsed the topshop sales but was very sad to find nothing i wanted :(, i hate it when sales are rubbish, because then i feel like i have to buy anything, anything at all just so i can have something new. but this time i managed to save my money!

my evening was spent watching the world cup - i'm rooting for holland to win! (mostly because they are the team i have at work in our work draw - if they win i get £20!) and i'm now going to sit outside in the sun to work on those pale legs of mine a bit.