Sunday, 11 July 2010

summer days

lace top - UO, shorts - vintage (my mums), stripey bag - UO, wedge/clog hybrids - topshop

i caved. after months of telling myself i hated clogs, i only went and got myself a pair didn't i. damn it. although in my defence they're not clogs like the famous chanel or JC ones, they're actually wedges and not at all hoof-like. really they're not clogs at all other than the wooden sole and tell-tale studs .. oh dear.

i felt very summery in this outfit, and i love these shorts! when my mum produced these bad boys to give to me, i was over the moon. i got the top and the bag in the urban outfitters sale - the bag is amazing. it's just big enough to fit all my stuff in. (i'm one of those people who carries around a lot of (probably unecessary) stuff for every eventuality, because you never know what could happen...).

anyhow, sorry for not posting in a while but i tried in vain to update my blog design to something a bit more interesting.. however it proved to be too difficult for my computerly retarded brain so i've stuck to plain ole white. this does mean i have a lot of outfit posts stacked up ready to post so stay tuned!


  1. Yes you look so summery and I loved your bag so much!

  2. That top is beautiful :) xxxxxxx

  3. Perfect outfit. I also dont like clogs but these are cheeky non clog with a clog heel and I like. :) look forward to seeing your other posts.

  4. this whole outfit is actually so amazing.i also don't like clogs but i loveee those. and the bag is perfect

  5. oh i'm looking for shorts like this bad they're vintage :S
    anyways adorable outfit!

  6. This is such a lovely outfit! I'd been umming and ahhing over that top on the UO website. Seeing you wear it makes me wish I had ordered it. Sigh. And I like the look of your shoes too :)

  7. Excellent shorts! Aren't hand-me-downs from mom great? I really like your shoe choice. I know what you mean, and these look great- not too clog-ish.
    --pale bluebird

  8. I know what you mean, I went through a time that I said I hate clogs, I still am not a huge fan of it. I tried wearing it and it is really high and they didn't feel stable.

    Nice outfit, like always :) Very summary~

  9. everything about this is perfect perfect perfect! Love the top and the color of your shorts. x

  10. ohmygoodness...
    i love your outfit!

    lol, looks the one i wore the other day!
    && your shoes are pretty ;DD


  11. Soooooo adorable! So fresh! I love it!
    As usual....

  12. Love this outfit so so so so so much!
    The hat is perfect..

    one kiss,

  13. Those shorts are really lovely. Haha I'm one of those people who carts far too much around with them too :P


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.