Wednesday, 28 December 2011


jumper - pull & bear, shorts - UO, shoes - h&m, scarf - asos, bag - vintage

sorry for the lack of posting! my camera's still not fixed and until then, more iphone photos for you! the colouring of these photos has gone completely wacko!

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and got all the presents you wished for. i got lots of polka dots, cath kidston, chocolates (of course) and a few new things that you'll see me wearing on the blog soon.

this outfit is swiftly becoming my uniform lately, jumper, shorts, hat, scarf for warmth = done. (all with a coat over the top of course!)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


blouse - asos, skirt - UO, boots - topshop, bag - vintage

oh my, a shirt with flamingos on. how amazing? i think this is the most lovely print i've seen in a long time, and the colour of the blouse is just right - kind of a nudey pink. i wore it with pretty much everything black i own! i wanted the blouse to stand out.

i can't believe how close it is to christmas now! i love this time of year, everyone is jollier and the amount of chocolates knocking about always makes me happy.

it turns out that my camera might be broken (insert sad-face here), so these were taken with my iphone - not too shabby, but i'm dying to get my camera working again.

(thank you everyone for your really sweet comments on my modcloth post! i have the best readers!)

Monday, 19 December 2011

i'm modcloth's blogger of the moment !

well this is a really special post for me. as some of you already know (thank you so much to everyone for their comments congratulating me!), i'm the current modcloth blogger of the moment!

this is the biggest honour. i'm such a huge modcloth fan, they have the best clothes and i swear that if i was american or the shipping costs to the uk weren't so much, i would buy most of my clothes from there, truly. without getting too sappy, thank you to all who read my blog and make things like this possible, it's amazing. (and of course thank you to modcloth, too for choosing me! i am super flattered!)

head over to modcloth to read my interview and to see how i styled my namesake dress! (i know, they name a dress after you! they've sent me one to keep, and i can't wait to show you all!)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

velvet navy leopard

jumper - topshop boutique, shorts - UO, scarf - asos

velvet shorts! velvet shorts! oh man, these shorts are amazing x10. velvet is usually associated with christmas, but i can tell that i'll be wearing these babies waaay into next year and beyond. also i just bought a black velvet blazer, so i could possibly combine it with these shorts and have a BLACK VELVET SUIT. imagine.

also wearing a lovely navy fishermans jumper which i spent way too much money on. but when you find a perfect item of clothing that you know you'll lose sleep over if you don't buy it.. i kinda had to.

hello grumpy cold face.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

red & tiny flowers

jumper - new look, skirt - sister jane @ asos, boots - topshop, faux fur scarf - UO

it was a really cold day, hense the arm-holding. my coat was on standby and was put on right after these photos. i figure nobody wants to see my coat in every outfit, right?

wearing a skirt which i just couldn't resist - i'm trying to wear/buy more patterns, as i've been feeling like all i wear is a jumper and different kind of plain skirt or shorts. but the trouble is i'm so picky with patterns! this one is lovely though, and a different length/tightness to what i'm used to, but it's always fun to try new things.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

teal & warm

jumper - new look, shorts - topshop (old), hat - h&m, scarf - boyfriends (thrifted)

yes indeed, one more jumper. another excellent new look find, they really are pretty damn good for knitwear at the moment. worn with my leather shorts that i've had for a really long time, they're looking kinda worn and crumpled lately but they are so comfortable, and as you know, i love leather everything in terms of bottom-halves.

i stole my boyfs scarf and turned it into a snood. i swear i couldn't survive winter without snoods.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

burgundy, dots & patent

jumper - new look, shirt - minkpink, shorts - f21, shoes - h&m

yep, another new jumper. i'm starting to think i might have a problem... they're pretty much all i buy! but, y'know, it's important to keep warm...

also introducing the shiniest of shiny shoes. they are so perfect, and so comfy too. i've always been a flats girl, you may have noticed that even when i do wear a heel it's always a mid-heel, and always a chunky heel. (one of my pet hates is kitten heels, i truly despise them). on a day-to-day basis i'm in flats i'd say 95% of the time. and these are the best addition to my collection!

just noticed i'm looking down in all these photos. i have no idea why.

Friday, 2 December 2011

simple navy

coat - zara, jumper & boots - topshop, skirt - h&m, scarf - asos

i can't get enough of navy. i think it's such a flattering colour, and whilst you're not 'supposed' to wear it with black, i think it looks best with black, actually. to stop the outfit from looking too boring, i threw on this super nice scarf, which goes with a surprising amount of things. i wore this outfit to battle through the crowds in a bid to get most of my christmas shopping done, which was mostly successful - i even managed to buy some presents for myself...! i did swap the boots for converse, though, as there's nothing fun about running about with many, many bags & feeling like your feet are going to die.

okay, so onto some really, really awesome news. i'm one of chictopia's december style icons! i'm absolutely over the moon about this, chictopia is a site i love posting on, and love browsing through the amazing outfits pretty much every day. so this is such an honour, and i still can't quite believe this sort of thing is happening to me and my little old blog! check out chictopia and my profile here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

the big knit (via instagram)

all images by me, via instagram

a few weeks ago, i was contacted my innocent smoothies, who asked me to take part in their big knit campaign. for those of you who aren't aware of it, it involves innocent smoothie bottles being adorned by the cutest little knitted hats. they sit over the bottle top and look amazing. for each bottle sold with a knitted hat on top, innocent smoothies donate money to ageUK. ageUK is a fantastic charity, which helps the elderly through tough times. i know how much i would appreciate their help if anything was to ever happen to my amazing nan, so i was more than happy to help promote this cause.

they sent me a pack of smoothies, each with their own hats, and asked me to take some comical photos using said hats. i jumped at this, as i love both innocent smoothies, and hats. i enjoyed putting them on top of pretty much everything animal-related in my house/garden. i particularly like the little sheep, rocking his green hat like a dude.

i'm going to head over to their facebook page, and post these photos there. for every photo posted, they're going to donate 10p to ageUK. so make sure to look out for these smoothie bottles with the little hats, and please try and spare some money to buy one! you'd get a yummy smoothie, a warm charitable heart, and a hat to put on your pet (or small human) of choice.