Sunday, 30 October 2011


jumper - monki, trousers & loafers - topshop

best jumper in the world? i definitely think so. it's quite eye-catching and i definitely got a few looks in it, but i like to think it's because the jumper is way too cute. it looks like i'm wearing a plain black jumper, but have been rolling around in some cotton wool balls.

paired it with something simple, aka these trousers and my favourite flat shoes. i can't stop buying jumpers, i must have bought about a dozen in the last few months (sorry bank balance). but when they're all this nice, it would be wrong of me to say no. right?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

autumn colours

jumper - topshop, scarf - h&m, shorts - f21

lovely lovely lace shorts. these were only £16.75 i think, which is so good compared to topshops prices, and you're that little bit less likely to walk down the street and see 3 other people in your clothes. they're coming across as purpley in the photos but they're much more burgundy in person.

i've had this jumper for well over a year now, and i know i could never part with it. it's massive on, with nice long sleeves (i'm one of those people who holds their sleeves like a child) and a go-with-everything colour. i decided to wear very autumnal colours, anchored with lots of black. autumn, i love you.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

forest green

jumper - pull&bear, jeans & loafers - topshop, scarf - asos, bag - vintage

i'd been on the hunt for something perfect in forest green for the longest time. i love this colour so, so much, but there's sadly not that much of it around. it's the nicest jumper i own, i think.

i thought i'd wear jeans for a change, i used to wear jeans and only jeans, but i hadn't worn a pair (on the blog, at least) in ages. these are probably too small, but i only have these and a blue denim pair. i'm not sure why, but i always feel at least a foot shorter when i wear jeans.

it was the windiest day here, i really had trouble getting these photos, getting my fringe to stay put and not have my scarf blow away. i can sense this winter is going to be a real struggle for outfit photos. also, i swear i'm not actually this pale...

Monday, 17 October 2011

feeling french

jumper & loafers - topshop, skirt - h&m, beret - h&m(i think), bag - vintage

a really simple outfit featuring my no.2 favourite pattern of all time, the stripe. and my current favourite skirt too. and, can you believe, a hat that ISN'T my black bowler? i felt like this outfit was crying out for my red beret instead. looking really rather french from the waist up.

i've been feeling really bored of my clothes lately, despite autumn being my most favoured season for dressing. i look in my wardrobe and feel like i've made all the best combinations of things possible, and everything that's left is kind of boring, does that happen to anyone else?

Thursday, 13 October 2011


boots - asos, trousers - topshop, blouse - monki

i can't express how excited i was when monki opened their online store! i've already placed two orders in as many weeks. this shirt probably could have done with being ironed, but i did my usual 'wearing something straight out of the package because i love it so much'. the bow print is beyond cute.

these boots are new too, though i don't like them as much as i did on the website.. and by the time i realised this i'd worn them and couldn't send them back. i hate when this happens! oh the perils of online shopping.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

teal and rust

trousers & shoes - topshop, snood - asos, jacket - c/o goldie london

these trousers get more and more amazing with every wear. i'm actually a bit scared to wear them incase i rip/stretch/stain them... i love them too much. without doubt the best item of clothing i own. hopefully the lovely teal colour goes with the rusty coloured snood (love snoods, they're my hair saviour in winter) and it's not just my imagination.

trying to get as much wear out of this leather jacket before it gets too cold to wear it out properly! crazy to think that this time last week i was melting in a tee with bare legs.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

polar bears

cardigan, tee & boots - topshop, skirt - new look, hat - h&m

this cardigan has polar bears on it. POLAR BEARS! so cute, and pretty damn seasonal. my current fashion goal is to buy more cardigans, because after a couple of months of stockpiling jumpers, i realised i don't own more than 2 cardigans (which is odd, because i used to be obsessed with them.). and as much as i love jumpers right now, i'm missing wearing my blouses, and as it's too cold to wear them solo now, i'm going to need a layer or two.

R.I.P steve jobs, what an amazing man.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

navy & mustard

everything topshop except hat - h&m

another simple outfit, but a really comfortable one with the best colours. i've been wearing these kinds of outfits a lot lately; lovely colours, simple patterns, with black accessories.

i'm wearing slipper shoes. i disliked them at first, but they grew on me until i pretty much had to get a pair. they're so comfortable (um, like slippers..) and just a little bit different. although this purchase has comfirmed to me that i am becoming far too middle-aged.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

burgundy and stripes

jumper, trousers & shoes - topshop, hat - h&m

oh, i am getting so obsessed with amazing trousers. these are actually a slightly longer length than my other pairs (i think ankle grazers suit my shape better), and i had to roll the bottoms up, but the colour is too good - not quite burgundy, not quite plum.

i know wearing a striped top is the obvious choice with these, but i love this jumper too much not to wear it with almost everything.