Tuesday, 30 August 2011

stripes & mustard

jumper, trousers & bag - topshop, boots - new look

i can't get over these trousers! despite not being a trousers person, i absolutely love these. i was concerned the colour wouldn't go with much, but i've already found so many things to wear with them! including this jumper... which i'd go as far as to say is the best thing i've bought all year (the trousers being a close second...!), it's so versatile, soft and generally perfect.

also wearing some boots i found in new look. i don't tend to shop there, but i browse the website every now and then, and i have to say, right now they have some really nice things in stock! i've bought a few things from there in the last week or so, including a red blouse (which is something i've wanted for so long) and some leather shorts! new look - i'm a fan.

i'm selling some of my clothes on ebay which sadly don't get enough love from me - go have a look and see if there's anything you like, there's lots of topshop and asos, and some vintage stuff too!

p.s don't forget to leave me any questions you have in a comment, for my FAQ!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

apple green

jumper, loafers & bag - topshop, skirt - asos, blouse - minkpink (at asos)

say hi to my schoolgirl skirt. i love anything in navy, but after realising i don't actually own that much navy, i quickly bought this skirt. i love the pleats, and it's really thick too so will be perfect for autumn (and maybe winter with some thick woolen tights).

another thing i don't own much of, at all, is green. but this jumper caught my eye, the colour is so unique. and as i am currently in the process of slowly bankrupting myself in the pursuit of amazing winter clothes, this jumper just had to be bought. this is a colour combination that i'm not 100% sure of, but after i added this amazing blouse underneath to add a bit of pattern, i was convinced. i can't wait to show you all the blouse!

after reading through your suggestions, i've decided to do an FAQ! so if you have any questions (preferably nice ones please!) about anything you want to know about me/my blog etc, then ask away in a comment and providing i get enough then i'll answer them all in a blog post soon!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

suede & denim

denim shirt - vintage, skirt, boots & bag - topshop

i can't really get enough of this skirt! it's such a nice colour, and it looks perfect with a simple denim shirt. such a comfortable outfit - except for when i sit down, and the poppers on the skirt pop open. big potential for embarassment in public.

i've been thinking about some little changes to make to the blog, and was wondering what you guys would like to see here? like a weekly round-up type post, or an FAQ? (although i pretty much just work during the week and mong out at weekends so there wouldn't be much to see!) any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

so, blue?

jumper & skirt - asos, shorts & bag - topshop

blue, blue & blue. this jumper always cheers me up! it's so vibrant and so cosy too.

i'm pleased that my last post got such a good response! i've fallen in love with those trousers and can't wait to see what else to wear them with. i've also just gone a little crazy with my autumn purchases, kinda bankrupting myself in the pursuit of chunky knitwear and jewel colours. but i can't wait to wear everything, i just love dressing for autumn farrr too much for my own good.

p.s 5 points to anyone who can spot my car keys making an appearance in the photos.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

burgundy & mustard

blouse, trousers, bag & shoes - topshop, hat - h&m, brooch - vintage

i can't actually believe i'm wearing trousers. and mustard trousers, at that. but i think this is my attempt at maybe dressing more grown-up. i think in my head i associate trousers with adults/being a grown-up. as you may have noticed, i never wear trousers, ever. not even jeans. i used to wear nothing but jeans, honestly nothing but them, i never wore dresses, or skirts or shorts. until about 2 years ago when i properly discovered fashion, thanks to the world of blogging.

i was worried about the fit of these, i'm quite 'curvy' round my hips & thighs and i wasn't sure how they'd look, but in the end i love the colour so much, and they are so damn comfortable, that i don't even care if they make my thighs look huge. i'm loving shades like mustard and burgundy for autumn, i don't really buy into trends but i can't get enough of 'jewel tones'.

but i think i'm now a trousers convert - i'm now on the hunt for a burgundy pair.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

dreaming of autumn

jumper - forever21, skirt, bag & shoes - topshop

this is such a simple outfit, but one of my favourites. i'd been waiting to wear this jumper with this skirt, it's such an easy pairing and i love the two colours together.

i've been thinking a lot about my autumn/winter wardrobe, and i've decided on some things i definitely need and am therefore in the process of hunting down, preferably for as cheap as possible -

burgundy jeans/trousers, classic leather jacket, kimono jacket, leather skirt, chunky jumpers, patent loafers and some comfortable wedges.

what's on your a/w wishlist?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

red & stripes

jumper - ebay, skirt, boots & bag - topshop

i'd considered wearing my leather shorts with this jumper instead of the red skirt. i felt as though the red was too much of a clash with the stripes, but as soon as i put the outfit on i loved how it looked! so much for my idea of only wearing pastels and floaty things this summer, ha.

i love how this jumper is cut like a t-shirt, with the short sleeves and v-neck. it's so big, and made of that kind of wool that is really itchy, but i love how vibrant it is and i can't wait to wear it in autumn!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

very blue.

jumper - asos, shorts - ebay, bag - topshop

goodness me, this jumper is BLUE. it's the bluest, and maybe even the brightest, thing in my wardrobe. it's so different to my usual colours (i think, anyway), but i'd been leering at it in my asos basket for weeks. so when my ASOS magazine came with a 20% off voucher code, i just had to get it. i wish topshop did something similar to that! they never ever have discount codes.

anyway, lately, i've been thinking about taking my style in a more grown-up direction. i have no idea how to do this, but since turning 23 i've started to think more about how i dress, and whilst i don't dress too cutesy, i'm thinking i should start attempting to look my age a bit more (i already get told i don't look my age!).

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


blouse - asos, boots & bag - topshop, skirt - goldie london @ topshop

i don't usually wear monochrome outfits, i almost always wear a colour of some sort, but this outfit felt good for only being black and white. it's quite a flouncy, ladylike outfit and if it wasn't for the ankle boots and hat i'd have felt quite frumpy, actually. but i love this blouse from asos, and i still love this skirt too.

not too many photos of this outfit sadly the weather was being completely rubbish.

p.s - i feel quite awful for posting essentially meaningless photos of myself when such horrible things are happening in london, but life has to go on. my heart goes out to anyone who's been affected by what's happened.

Monday, 8 August 2011

camel and red.

jumper, shorts, bag & shoes - topshop, scarf - c/o roamkix vintage

how excited am i to have another scalloped item of clothing? um, very. even better? they were £10 in the sale. and they're red, which is one of my favourite colours at the moment. for some reason, after i bought them, the first thing that popped into my head to wear with them was this jumper. i've always liked camel with red. oh and say hi to my new bag, which is pretty much perfect. perfect size, perfect colour, perfect shape and a pretty perfect price (i can't believe it only cost £32).

it's still tights weather here in england. this is pretty sad, but means i get to dress all autumnal which is fine by me.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

stripes & sheer wonky hems

jumper & shoes - topshop, skirt - goldie london @ topshop, bag - asos

i definitely love stripes almost as much as polka dots. they're so easy and fun to style, and a jumper like this one will look good with almost every single colour.

this sheer skirt is lovely, it has an asymmetrical hem and looks amazing when the wind blows! it was quite pricey considering it's essentially a bit of sheer material, but i've convinced myself i'll wear it all the time. i can imagine it in autumn with a cable knit jumper...

p.s i want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and everyone who leaves a comment too, i read every single one and i'm so thankful to have such lovely followers!