Tuesday, 31 August 2010

i wish that i believed in fate

massive oversized jumper - topshop, faux- embroidered shorts - UO

say hello to my new favourite jumper! it's so big that it kind of swamps me, but that's the exact sort of thing i was looking for. this fella will last me all winter. really loving oversized jumpers at the moment, and can't wait for the weather to get a little bit colder so i can wear them everyday. i'm pretty sure that these shorts were made for a jumper like this!

tomorrow is september, which to me equals the start of autumn, which also means i won't feel silly wearing scarves now. i'm weirdly excited to wear all my wooly hats and scarves again (of which i own lots).

(p.s sorry for not updating in a week, i don't even have an excuse, but i promise to be a much better, more consistent blogger from now on.)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

red and pink?

cardigan and dress - topshop, shoes - asos

yes, i realise i'm about a year too late jumping on the buckle wedge bandwagon! i'd been wanting these shoes or similar ones for a really long time but just never got round to ordering them, but then these popped up in the asos sale for something crazy like 65% off so i had to have them. they're so comfortable! and have just the right height of wedge for me so i can wear them out and about. i really would like some more wedges in my wardrobe because they're so my kind of shoe, a heel without really being a heel, so i might have to order myself a few (cheap, if possible) pairs for winter.

am i imagining it, or is there some sort of saying about how you shouldn't wear pink with red? well, nevertheless, i think this doesn't count because it's burgundy and pastel pink rather than red and pink. i think this outfit is a bit boring, i'm really going to have to start accessorising!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

librarian girl

cardigan - topshop, lace top - UO, skirt - vintage, shoes - topshop via ebay

i love this skirt and it's stripes and pleats! it's a little longer than i'd normally wear a skirt, but i think that really changes the outfit into something different. it was only 99p, too!

these shoes are really cool, too. they're such a bizarre variation on the t-bar! and they don't have a huge heel too, which is a deal-breaker for me. i don't think i own any proper high heels, they're all mid-heels. i just wouldn't wear them, and i don't understand how people can walk around all day in high-heels! they destroy my feet. i like to walk around in relative comfort. is anyone else the same?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

brown / black

pretty much all topshop again!

and so it happened again.. more topshop overload. this blouse is a new purchase, i think it's so lovely and quite an unusual colour, and satisfies my current need for peterpan collars. however it's so hard to pair with anything in my wardrobe, almost nothing went with it! in the end the only thing that i found which looked reasonable was these lace shorts.

Monday, 16 August 2010

dots, dots and dots again

playsuit - vintage, cardigan and boots - topshop

yes, it is that playsuit again but i was curious to try it out with other things. i also felt the cardigan needed some kind of open-armed batman type stance to really show of its holey-ness. it really does look like a big piece of kitchen roll which you've poked your finger through many times, but that adds to its charm and it surprisingly goes with a lot of things! and i told you i'd be wearing these boots more!

this is my 50th post...! i can't quite believe it's been 50 posts already, i don't know where the time goes, but i'm so pleased with how my blog is coming along. i have some stupidly grand ideas about how i want this blog to look and the kind of posts and outfits i want to do, but i think that may take a lot of time and patience.. so stay tuned folks!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


everything from topshop again!

once again an all topshop outfit. i promise i don't plan this! i got this trench coat (well it's more of a jacket than a coat) in the sale, £20! was so pleased to find it, it's the perfect weight for throwing on when it's a little chilly, but it will also be great for autumn too, i'm already picturing it with scarves and tights. i've found a new lease of life in these boots, i wore them to death last autumn/winter (part because i love them, part because they go with everything, and part because they are the most expensive clothing item i've ever bought) but stopped wearing them in summer due to, you know, it being unacceptable to wear boots in summer. but i've brought them back! i think this outfit is quite predictable, but i love it and felt really happy in it, which for some reason is something i haven't been feeling with my clothes lately.

i've had my hair cut a little bit, but am thinking of going just a little bit shorter, what do you guys think?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

round and round, merry-go-round

dress and cardigan - topshop, boots - office

i always pictured a burgundy cardigan with this dress (see also:navy), i think the two things were made for each other.

i took these photos down by the harbour, which is both a fascinating and depressing place. i've been searching for more locations for my photos but the area i live in is so dull that even when the sun is out everywhere seems uninspiring! not that the sun is out much at all lately (there was just huge storm).. sort it out england. whilst i'm looking forward to autumn already that doesn't mean that while it's still summer the sun shouldn't come out!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

things aint like they used to be

denim shirt - thrifted, best shorts ever - thrifted, lace top & boots - topshop

quite a simple outfit today with no patterns. i usually like to wear at least one pattern, even if it's really simple, but i think this outfit works without it.

i'm really looking forward to autumn now, it's possibly my favourite season, and i can't wait to start wearing thick jumpers and woolen tights again! i've missed layering and scarves and wooly hats.. although i'm sure once it's freezing english weather again i'll change my mind!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

suburban war

spotted playsuit - vintage (ebay), cardigan - my boyfriends, boots and bag - tophshop

this is one of the packages i was waiting to receive - an amazing playsuit. i can't believe how much i love it! i'd been eyeing up a very similar one from urban outfitters for a while but at £55 it was too expensive, so when i saw this one on ebay i knew i had to have it! i almost lost out at the last minute, and i probably paid more than i wanted to, but i don't care as it HAD to be mine. it's such a great creamy brown colour and the bottom half is slightly pleated. to sum up, LOVE.

i'm really pleased to say i've been featured again on a couple of blogs, and i couldn't be more flattered! i'm so overwhelmed by all the comments you guys leave for me and all the kind things you have to say, so thank you!

check out the features here -

* ohsoboheme feature

* dirt on your new shoes feature - i'm blogger of the month!

p.s - is there anything else you guys would like to see on my blog? so far i've only ever posted outfit photos but i'd love some input about what else i should post.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

never gonna give you up

cardigan and boots - topshop, skirt - river island/DIY

please excuse the unfortunate hunchback pose i've acquired here, there must have been something really exciting on the floor.

just one photo today i'm afraid; i'm getting so picky with photos! unfortunately my boyfriend, who takes my photos, isn't very patient and finds it a hassle to take my photos, so they are often rushed and it poor locations. on that note, i have to apologise for not being one of those bloggers who churns out 1 or 2 posts a day, i feel i should be, but i don't have the oppurtunity to take any photos during the week as i'm working, so they all have to be rushed in on the weekends. this makes me very sad (not least as i have to wear horrible clothes for work during the week - i hate not wearing my own clothes, i feel like someone has snatched my identity). i can only apologise and hope that in the future i can take more.

this skirt was bought in the sale and when it arrived on my doormat i was sad to find it was too long, so i hacked about 10cm from the bottom. i have no sewing skills however so the hem remains frazzled and unsightly.

i've been scouring ebay lately for some bargains, and am currently awaiting the arrival of 2 very lovely parcels! ebay is such a great website.

Monday, 2 August 2010

strange times

cardigan - topshop, shorts - UO, wedges - office

i'm really in love with this cardigan, i'd been looking for a jumper/dress/cardigan in this type of burgundy colour for a long time but without any luck, so when i saw this in topshop i knew i had to have it. so soft and comfortable. finding it hard to find things to wear it with though, its not the easiest of colours to pair things with, especially when a big chunk of my wardrobe involves patterns.