Monday, 16 August 2010

dots, dots and dots again

playsuit - vintage, cardigan and boots - topshop

yes, it is that playsuit again but i was curious to try it out with other things. i also felt the cardigan needed some kind of open-armed batman type stance to really show of its holey-ness. it really does look like a big piece of kitchen roll which you've poked your finger through many times, but that adds to its charm and it surprisingly goes with a lot of things! and i told you i'd be wearing these boots more!

this is my 50th post...! i can't quite believe it's been 50 posts already, i don't know where the time goes, but i'm so pleased with how my blog is coming along. i have some stupidly grand ideas about how i want this blog to look and the kind of posts and outfits i want to do, but i think that may take a lot of time and patience.. so stay tuned folks!


  1. Hy!
    I've never posted comments on your blog but i must say i really like it.
    You look great and i'm jealous of most of your outfits = )

    keep going! = )


  2. Love the dots.


  3. Your blog is so very lovely, really, no wonder it's such a success already! I think it looks fine now but I'm curious of what you've got in store for us!
    I'd wear every single outfit that you post myself, your style is fantastic!

  4. Great outfit, really love the cardigan :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  5. so beautiful, the colours are just lovely! the holey cardigan is so pretty, i've got a similar one in black :)

    love, jazzabelle. x

  6. Well, congrats on 50 posts. :) I've had my blog up for more than half a year and don't have that many yet, haha. I need to blog more.
    The outfit is cute. I now how you feel about wearing the item of clothing all of the time, I'm in love with a striped skirt that I got recently. The romper and the cardigan are very cool pieces.

  7. sweet outfit. and your blog is great - congrats on the 50th post and keep up the good work. ck :) x

  8. I love this combination! That playsuit is lovely :)

  9. Love your "crochet cardigant"! Perfect for summer and automn!

  10. cuteness :) love the cardi!!! the whole styling is great! you are truly a stylish heart :)


  11. I love the colors of this, it looks so good on you. I really want a bat wing sweater..they look so comfy. Ah, you're so pretty! x

  12. I feel you about the grand blog ideas...I feel the same way but it really does take time! I like to go back to the first posts of some of my favorite most successful bloggers, and realize that they all started the exact same way we all did. I guess patience and a fresh sense of style are key, and you seem to have both!!

    Check out my blog, if you'd like!


  13. Another lovely look! I want a cardigan like this but I can't afford Topshop prices at the moment. I'm seriously craving a polka dot playsuit just like this one!

  14. I love the cardigan-comfy oversized sweaters are a must on my fall wardrobe wish list!

  15. love your dress! its reminds me of Julie Robert's dress from pretty woman :D x


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