Monday, 28 June 2010

beach baby

floaty blouse and floral boots - topshop, shorts -h&m/DIY

few photos from the beach at the weekend. i can't believe this warm weather we're getting in england at the moment! hopefully it'll stretch to next weekend too, because as you can see, my legs could definitely do with a bit of a tan (and i'm a disaster with fake tan). i love living near to the beach, but i'm not one of those people who can just lay in the sun all day, i get bored. i need to be doing things!

this blouse is prooobably too long to be tucked into these shorts, but what the heck. i wish i had hair that allowed me to tie it up into a loose scruffy bun like a lot of other bloggers do; sadly it's too thick and unruly and as you can see, ends up being about 10cm's long!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

green machine

holey cardigan - topshop, shorts - thrifted, rafia wedges - office

i think i'll start by expressing my absolute love for these shorts! i've had them a while now but have barely worn them, and i can't remember why. they're gorgeous - the colour is just ridiculous. and they're just the right amount of high-waistedness, AND have belt loops (a must for me) and they're turn ups. love. actually if i rolled down the turn-ups (currently pinned in place with hair grips) these would probably come down to my knees.

love this cardigan, too. it's very annoying to wear though, the sleeves like to keep falling down and it always slides off my shoulders!

i spent today at the beach, and playing in the woods. i think i'll post a non-outfit centred post next with some nice photos i took.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

driver, surprise me

jumper - topshop, hat - norwich market, shorts - h&m/DIY

i really love this jumper! i've had it a while but only worn it a few times; i think i imagine it's more see-through than it actually is, because looking at these pictures you can't see through it at all! i think i'll definitely have to wear it out more, it's great for summer because of said holes, it gives you enough ventilation to keep you cool on hot days even though it's a jumper! i've been drawn to slightly see-through clothing lately and have my eye on a crochet dress. i'm just sussing out whether i'll be able to pull it off or not though.

i don't really like to consider myself too samey-samey like the average girl you see about in town, i like to mix and match things from different shops/stalls, but.. topshop have some really great dresses and tops in at the moment.. when filling up my imaginery basket online (only to empty it lately.. does anyone else do this), the contents came to about £500! i think i'll have to narrow that down before my next payday. i don't wish to be a one-shop sally.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

you are the blood flowing through my fingers

blazer - h&m, dress & shoes - topshop, denim vest - second hand/DIY

i can't believe it's the middle of june and i'm still having to wear layers! i know england is a pretty temperamental country weather-wise, but this is ridiculous, it feels like november! it's making me cranky because i'm desperate to take photos with decent scenery and sunshine.

i like how the denim vest contrasts with the smart blazer. initially i was just going to wear just the blazer, but felt that was a bit dull so added the denim in. love this dress, although the cut is weird.

i'm currently laid up in bed with a cold (another example of the rubbish summer we're having - i shouldn't be getting colds in june), so to pass the time i'm planning a trip to london for my birthday in 3 weeks. despite not living too far from london (2 hours on the train) i've only been a handful of times. however this time me and my boyfriend plan to stay overnight so we can cram as much cheesy touristy adventures in as possible. i'm very excited, i plan to visit plenty of markets this time rather than oxford street, which is where i visited last time i went but was dissappointed by the shops (not to mention the angry shoppers), so markets it is, i hope i can find some great stuff.

Monday, 14 June 2010

put me in your blue skies

floaty dress - topshop, denim vest - h&m and DIY, shoes - topshop, hat - norwich market

first of all, big apologies for not having posted in so long. i just couldn't get used to the tripod (it was a complete disaster with photos not even good enough to post) so i asked my ex-boyfriend (though, he might be my boyfriend again soon...we're working on it) to take some when we met up. very cold in these photos.

finally find a boater hat! on norwich market of all places. it's not perfect but it will do. i tried zara on numerous occasions after seeing people on lookbook tagging there's as being from there, but no luck, same for h&m. i should have known to check the market! had a spare denim jacket so decided to de-sleeve it. still think i might need to trim the shoulders a bit, it makes me look a bit butch with the thick shoulders like that, what do you think?

i have lots of outfit ideas in my head ready to put together, so hopefully it won't be so long between posts again!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

i've seen it happen, in other peoples lives

playsuit - UO, hat - h&m, loafers - topshop, round glasses - asos

summer summer summertime. i am in love with this playsuit, it's so comfortable and flow-y, i wish i could seperate it though! as i've been looking for a white blouse like this one for ages. just HAD to add the hat to this ensemble too, not just because it makes every outfit complete but it keeps my head nice and cold too.

without getting too personal here on my blog, i've just split up with my long-term boyfriend, and as he takes all my outfit photos, i decided to buy a tripod so i could attempt it myself. i tried it out this morning but i'm finding it really difficult! so expect upcoming posts to be very wobbly and focused more on the ground than on my clothes.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


playsuit - topshop, woven brogues - topshop

quick post to show you an outfit from last weekend; it's pretty simple, as i've mentioned before, i'm not one for overloading on accessories. this playsuit is comfortable, although a little big :( but it was one of those things you see on sale, and buy it even if it's a little too big/small, just because it's cheap.. or is that just me?

it was also great to read the responses to my last post, and realise i'm not the only one who has a closet crisis every now and then! it's happening to me more and more though, i think i'm having an identity crisis! i have just bought 2 really great playsuits and some embroidered shorts which are just the most beautiful things i've seen in a long time.. can't wait to show you them in future posts!