Monday, 31 May 2010

i was afraid i'd eat your brains

playsuit - topshop, cardigan - ebay, loafers - topshop

these photos are from last weekend - i don't have any from this weekend i'm afraid (long story).

i don't know why, but for some reason i'm getting very fed up of all my clothes, and always feel like i never have enough, or can never seem to put decent outfits together that i feel both comfortable and confident in. does this happen to anyone else? i feel like i'm having a clothes crisis.

Friday, 28 May 2010

sunshine funshine

blouse - topshop, hat - h&m, wedges - office

quick outfit post, these photos are from last weekend when the weather was nicer! i didn't actually go out like this, i have to admit. the dress/blouse is far too short/sheer to wear out like this. it would have to be paired with tights and some kind of layer.

i watched the finale of lost this week! it's my favourite tv show ever, ever, ever. i have to say it's confused me no end though. does anyone else watch it? what did you think of the finale?

Monday, 24 May 2010

same hat, same cardigan

crochet cardigan - ebay, sheer blouse - h&m, pleated skirt - zara

so pleased that these photos show the true colour of this skirt! i love it. and as you can see i also love this cardigan, i think i'm wearing it AGAIN in another set of outfit photos i'm yet to post.

i don't have much to update in this post! how is everyone?

Sunday, 23 May 2010


crochet cardigan - ebay, daisy print dress - topshop (where else), oxfords - can't remember, they're so old!, hat - norwich market

i love the print of this dress! it's so summery, despite being a black dress. and it has this little crochet strip of material around the middle, which (unintentionally) matched perfectly with the cardigan.

i've been wearing this hat all weekend (it's practical..) because it's been so hot! finally england is having some good weather. so expect to see it in future outfit posts. it felt a little silly to wear socks in such heat but i felt it really went well with the outfit.

i'm now off to read magazines in the garden, and hopefully tan my ridiculously pale legs a bit!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

tiny hearts

cropped jumper - topshop, skirt - zara, shoes - office

i'm annoyed that these photos don't show the amazing colour of this skirt - infact it's not really pink at all! it's a lovely red colour, sadly i didn't notice the pinkness of it in the photos until it was too late. it's also got this lovely pattern on it, lots of tiny white hearts. and i love the pleats, i've been looking for a pleated skirt for ages but strangely they're very hard to find.

i pictured wearing it with this grey jumper when i bought it; not sure it looks quite right though. and these shoes (they're wedges made of rafia) were on sale, £10! the ankle strap is very tight though, i've got them on as loose as i could and they're still a little tight! i think the shoe gods are trying to tell me i have fat ankles. infact the shoes aren't that comfortable in general, i thought they would be, but the material is very stiff.

i've reached over 250 followers now, and i can't quite believe it! thank you to every single one of you for following me, i'm glad you enjoy my blog and my outfits. a special thank you also to everyone who leaves a comment; every comment is appreciated very much and your kind words really light up my day!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

lilac and creases

lilac pussybow tunic, floral boots - topshop, black high-waisted jeans - h&m

first off i have to apologise for the amount of creases in this blouse - i promise i don't actually intend to go out looking slightly trampish, but i received the blosue in the post and wanted to put it on straight away, i didn't have the time to iron it. didn't realise it was quuuite so creased.

this is quite a casual outfit for me, and makes a change to not wear tights with EVERY outfit (i'm getting annoyed with having to wear tights all the time, come on summer hurry up). the tunic could actually have been worn on it's own as a dress but i just felt like wearing jeans with it instead. i might wear it as a dress next, though.

finally managed to get a photo of my boots! and they do manage to look less mouldy close up, right? i think they're so lovely, even if the laces are so long i have to tie them twice!

Friday, 14 May 2010

i wouldn't wanna be anyones ghost

blazer - h&m, top - UO, shorts - vintage, cowboy style ankle boots - topshop via ebay

quick outfit post! i love these shorts, they're a bit faded sadly, but i know i'll never find anything like them in shops. they were 99p! they're still pinned up with hair pins though as i haven't had time to shorten them yet. and how well does this top go with them? the top has tiny little dots on which is a nice little touch.

also decided to wear my hair curly today, what do you think? my hair is so thick that it can easily go frizzy when i curl it, but this time i think it came out okay.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

high violet

dress - topshop (what a surprise), cardigan - ebay, loafers - topshop

another really simple outfit. i actually think it's a bit boring! also apologies for looking very zoned out - i don't even have an excuse, sometimes my eyes just like to look drunk in photos.

anyway, this is a short post, as i'm now off to listen to the nationals new album! i hope it's as good as their previous albums. is anyone else here a fan?

Monday, 10 May 2010

candy stripes

topshop hole cardigan, h&m mesh jumper, vintage shorts, urban outfitters hand thing

do you like my new hand jewellery? as mentioned in my previous post i'm not really a jewellery person, but i saw this and thought it was too different to pass up. it does mean carrying out the most regular of tasks very gingerly, such as tying my hair up. the hairband/bow is new too, i find that my hair/head looks very odd without something on it, such as a hat or hair thing. and i like this one so much that i've just ordered another, even poofier one from topshop (it would have been rude of me not to take advantage of the free shipping they're currently offering...)

i didn't think much of it at the time, but this is a very white outfit! and this shorts are wonderous, a little on the small side, but they are excellent.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

some other stuff

rather than constantly do outfit photos i thought i'd try and post some other stuff too.

the first photo is the hand on which i keep my rings. i'm not a hugely accessories type person, i used to be, but over the last couple of years i've become tirelessly picky over things. (this is why you rarely see me with scarves, necklaces or hats), and to be honest i don't often wear many of these rings. most of them are vintage with a few h&m ones thrown in for good measure. i always find that adding accesories overcrowds my outfits, and i hate looking too weighed down in clothes or accessories!

the second image is a quick snapshot of my wardrobe. it's definitely a mish-mash of colours and patterns. it's also been recently organised into sections - jumpers, dresses, cardigans etc. i wouldn't say any one item stands out.

maybe one day i will take photos of all my shoes. not that i have that many, really, and i tend to wear the same ones over and over, which i'm sure you've noticed! as with accessories, i am very picky with shoes, it takes a lot of convincing in my head for me to buy a new pair!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

chunky / layers

pink chunky cardigan - h&m via ebay, denim shirt - thrifted, dress - topshop (sale)

starting to notice a pattern - i seem to get most of my h&m cardigans from ebay these days. i just never seem to find any nice ones in the actual store! it's a lovely chunky cardigan but unfortunately it makes me look very chunky too, i promise i'm not actually this wide in real life.

i quite like the contrast between the materials - knit and denim. i think this whole outfit looks quite matchy though, something i try to avoid but always end up doing. my brain must find it hard to put things together which clash. unfortunately the english weather has been awful lately so i've had to layer up, and i'm getting ridiculously desperate to wear a proper summer outfit!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

double stripes

leather jacket, bag, shirt - h&m, shorts - topshop, shoes - topshop via ebay

quick outfit photos. i decided to see what mixing stripes would look like - to be honest i'm still not sure. it looks a bit like an optical illusion! it was also an excuse to wear these shorts for the first time, i got them in the topshop sale, and i'd been looking for some like these for a while. only con is that they might be a little too hotpant-ish for my liking, i prefer slightly looser fitting shorts, as i don't have the smallest of thighs!

i'm getting a little sick of my leather jacket, too. it's either this or the denim jacket as my top layer these days and i'm getting a bit weary of it!

Monday, 3 May 2010

backstreet adventures

jacket - thrifted, cardigan, floral playsuit, boots - topshop, bag - h&m

unfortunately had to layer up a bit more than i wanted to this weekend. the weather is so confusing - sunshine, but such cold wind. it's making my outfit decisions very difficult indeed.

i really can't get over how amazing the print of this playsuit is, i love it! i've been wearing this denim jacket over pretty much everything, not always through choice though. i don't seem to have anything to layer over my outfits, like a lightweight jacket or chunkier cardigan, so i am now on the hunt for such things! also on my list is another bag (i'm getting sick of this one) and i am still looking for basic tops to wear with things. sigh. nomatter how much i love clothes, sometimes shopping is so taxing.

also, thank you to eliza from mess your hair up for the award she gave me!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

pa pa power

cardigan - thrifted, dress - primark, boots - vintage (i think), bag - urban outfitters

very cold in this outfit. slung a leather jacket on over it just after these photos. stupid english weather! i was pleased to find this dress, it looks better in person, too - from far away it looks like polka dots but infact the white bits are actually tiny little rectangles. and these boots are THE most comfortable.

i managed to find the second hand store i mentioned in my last post, and it was wonderful! full of old furniture and knick-knacks, and some great vintage clothes - though sadly i didn't find anything i liked enough to buy. i did find a lovely ring though which i will show you in my next post.

i would like to point out that the ends of my hair aren't dyed, the sun just changes the colour of my hair! but only the ends, never the roots - does this happen to anyone else?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

stripes, i've missed you

cardigan -h&m/ebay, striped top - h&m, shorts - vintage, loafers - topshop

another pretty simple outfit. i guess you can tell by now that my style is pretty simple and laid-back, i don't 'dress up' particularly often. i hadn't worn stripes in ages, even though i love them, so i decided to wear this top. the shorts are a lovely pink colour but despite being a size 10 they have MASSIVE legs, so until i have time to alter them the bottoms are held up with hair pins!

later today i'm going into the city to try and find this vintage shop i've heard about called alladins cave, i'm hoping it's as full of treasures as it sounds!