Tuesday, 29 November 2011

golden brown

jumper, cardigan, trousers & boots - topshop, hat - h&m

oh hello all-topshop outfit. it's kinda embarassing when that happens, but i don't plan it, plus so damn much of my wardrobe is topshop that it's always gonna happen. wearing some pretty autumn colours and a stripe. it was really cold, so i decided to wear a jumper under a cardigan. makes you look slightly like the michelin man but keeps you nice and toasty.

also giving you a money shot of my boots. they are probably the most expensive clothing item i own, but godamnit if i don't absolutely love them.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

oui, oui

top & boots - topshop, skirt - h&m, faux fur collar - UO

i really love a good stripe. i don't think it's possible to own too many striped things, a philosophy i also apply to polka dots. this outfit isn't anything too fancy, but i think it's made a little bit fancier with this fur collar, which seems to add a kind of elegance to anything you wear it with.

so who's excited for christmas? i know i am. i'm making all my own christmas cards and wrapping paper this year. i can't wait!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


jumper - monki, skirt - asos, boots - topshop

wearing the most fun jumper in my ever-expanding jumper collection. i'm pretty sure i'm heading to having one for each colour possible.. except grey. i'm having the hardest time finding the perfect light-ish grey jumper (any tips, anyone?). from the amount of jumpers i now own, you wouldn't think i'd be so picky. funny how sometimes fashion can be like that.

anyway, this outfit is essentially fairly simple, but i think the jumper doesn't need too much else. plain navy skater skirt, new favourite brown hat, chelsea boots, done.

p.s i think this jumper might be able to pass as a christmas jumper. first christmas related post of the season, yeah!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

burgundy & forest green

jumper - pull & bear, shorts - f21, boots - topshop, faux fur stole - UO

wearing my two current favourite colours together today. i absolutely adore this jumper, it takes all my strength not to wear it in every single outfit. and i couldn't think of a more autumnal colour to pair it with than these burgundy shorts. dream colour combo right now.

also wearing a faux fur stole (i think it's a stole, or is it a scarf, or a collar?) to keep my neck warm as a lovely alternative to a scarf. i don't tend to like faux fur, i know that fur coats are usually a blogger favourite in the winter months, but when i got one last year as part of the asos future stylist challenge i did, it just completely swamped me and i (shamefully) haven't worn it since. maybe i'll bust it out again if it gets really cold. which, let's face it, it will, because this is england.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

duck eggs

cardigan, jumper & boots - topshop, hat - h&m, skirt - new look

i finally own something in a duck egg colour. it truly is my all-time favourite colour (my room is painted almost this exact colour.. ), it's just so dreamy and awesome.

seems that my love of pairing leather with knitwear will never end! it's a combination i don't think i will ever get tired of. also decided to throw a bit of patent into the mix, in the form of my perfect boots.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

blending in

jumper - forever21, skirt - UO, hat - h&m, boots - topshop

blending in a little with my surroundings with these colours! i never thought i'd find a jumper in this gorgeous green colour, yet alone for something ridiculous like £18 at forever 21. paired it with a suede skirt that i can sense going with every single jumper i own...

also wearing another new pair of boots. chelsea boots to be exact.. infact, this is probably the 3rd pair of chelsea-ish boots i've bought recently. my bank account hates me, but my feet love me.

these photos are terrible quality, during taking these my camera starting playing up.. i hope it's not broken!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

autumn colours + dots

cardigan & boots - topshop, skirt & hat - h&m, blouse - minkpink

i'm wearing my favourite autumn colours with my favourite pattern. i love this mustard skirt - my local h&m FINALLY got a h&m trend section and they had so many nice things, but i had to restrain myself and walked out with just this skirt.

and as for this cardigan - softest thing i own. i love that it's burgundy but with a very vague purple-ish tinge to it.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

forest green & navy in the park

skirt & hat -h&m, jumper - pull&bear, coat - zara, ankle boots - topshop

super duper mega fun day playing in the leaves in my favourite park in the city. sadly i only get to visit the city maybe a couple times a month, otherwise i would take ALL of my photos here. i'm always happiest when in a park. especially one absolutely full to the brim with autumnal leaves for me to kick/throw around.

forest green and navy are probably my two favourite colours. which meant i really loved this outfit. oh, and another hat is now mine... i'm really becoming obsessed with them. this one is quite different to my usuals though, it's brown and actually not a bowler hat.. but the colour is so autumnal. also meet my new boots.. they are absolutely perfect. just the right heel height for me, and chelsea-boot style. these babies will go with everything.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


jumper & boots - topshop, shorts - f21

really bright jumper! it's even brighter in person, i felt like a walking tomato. i love the little details in it like the lived-in sleeves and ladders down the front. i really did mean it when i said i can't stop buying jumpers... i think i even have a couple more yet to show you!

i'm currently on the hunt for a fairisle or similar jumper too, but it's hard finding the perfect one, plus i'm so picky when it comes to patterns (unless it's dots or stripes.. although even then they have to be the right size or width...), it's quite annoying when i know i like something but can't bring myself to part with my money because it's not JUST right.