Tuesday, 29 March 2011

another windy day

coat & shorts - topshop, top - asos

a really simple, comfortable outfit for just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. as you might be able to see, it was pretty darn cold and windy and i definitely wished i'd put on another layer of tights. also this top was just a liiiittle bit too cropped and so i got cold ribs.

also, look! it is possible for me to wear this bag in a different way! bet you were starting to think that it was physically attached to my hand.

p.s - i just want to thank all of my readers for being so nice and leaving me the best comments!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

birds & dungarees

sheer shirt - new look, cardigan - tesco, dungaree dress - topshop via ebay

dungarees! i'd been after this topshop dungaree dress for a while, after it sold out online i managed to hunt it down for a bargainous price on ebay. i can see why i got it for so cheap though - just look how short it is! thank goodness my coat is longer than it or else there would have been some major bum-flashing going on in public. it's also kinda tight.. though that's probably because it's actually a size too small, haha. i'm considering re-selling it on ebay actually as i was way too self-concious here!

wearing it with a sheer shirt that i definitely don't wear enough. you probably can't see from these photos but it's got cute little birds all over it.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

denim on a sunny day

skirt & blouse - asos, cardigan - tesco

quite a simple outfit but i really like all the different materials - sheer, denim and soft cardigan material. i'm kinda liking the haze these photos seemed to acquire, and the background too - made me feel like i was in california or something. (even though behind this white fence was a massive dog that wouldn't stop barking the whole time we were there).

i'd convinced myself i needed a denim skirt just like this one, because it will go with everything. and seriously, someone come steal the hat, bag and shoes from me! i can't stop wearing them!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

red hat & sand

dress - ebay, cardigan - tesco, hat - h&m

took a lot of effort to wear any hat other than my black bowler. but i thought this outfit needed something other than just black and camel. i bought this dress on ebay and the seller said it was a plain black zara dress that they'd sewn the cute collar on. i like it a lot but it is such a heavy material and just a bit too bulky. definitely not a summer dress at all. promise to stop wearing these shoes soon. even i'm getting a little sick of seeing them in every single outfit photo so you guys must just be really annoyed! i'm trying to find a few cheap pairs of similar shoes, low-ish heeled loafers or brogues but it's beyond difficult.

took this photo when we had a stroll along the seafront at the weekend. as you can see the weather was miserable, but i was determined to get a few photos with a little bit of sand and ocean in.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

burgundy, chiffon & dots

chiffon blazer - asos, blouse & shorts -topshop

how beautiful is this blazer? as soon as i saw it on asos.com i immediately bought it; i couldn't really afford it but i couldn't not have it. i love burgundy and i looove polka-dots, so this purchase was just a no-brainer for me. i always found that blazers don't suit me at all, but this one is more of a blazer-blouse hybrid.

really finding a lot of use for these denim shorts, i used to be unsure of them as every blogger on earth seems to be crazy for them and i just didn't 'get it', but they really are so versatile and comfortable and generally look nice. consider me a denim shorts convert.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


coat - zara, cardigan - tesco, blouse & shorts - topshop

i jumped at the chance to wear this blouse with these shorts.. i'm really liking mint green at the moment, and obviously i'm obsessed with polka dots, so pairing these together was an easy choice. it was also very easy to throw on this cardigan again... i'm wearing it with everything. i felt the top half of the outfit needed something though, so added the bow i usually wear in my hair as a sort of bow tie.

i took a few photos with my lovely navy zara coat on, but it was only when i got home and loaded the photos onto my laptop that i noticed the very fat, naked man staring at me in the top right hand corner of all the photos. can you see him? it made me feel kinda nauseous.. especially as in a few of them he had his hands up to his mouth as if he was blowing an imaginery trumpet. probably the oddest blogging experience i've had so far!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

denim & pom poms

denim shirt - thrifted, shorts - topshop, hairbow - UO

quite a simple outfit today, but a really comfortable one. i normally don't like wearing outfits that don't have some kind of pattern in, or something interesting, but this one felt just right despite being quite plain. and i love how these shorts puff out and how they look like a skirt. and don't get me started on the pom-poms! i'm not usually a huge fan of denim shirts, but this one is so soft and i think the colour goes well with the navy.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

red, stripes and warmer weather

skirt - topshop, bag - UO, hat - h&m, top - asos, cardigan - tesco

i think spring might actually be here at last! and what do you do when the weathers kinda nice? go to your very favourite park for outfit photos, of course! even though i hate dressing for summer, i can't say i'm not looking forward to not being freezing cold all the time. it was warm enough to walk around in just what i was wearing above, no coat! although in a typically english way, by the afternoon it was mega cold again.

told you i'd wear this top again and again, so here it is in another stripey ensemble. i think it looks nice with this red skirt - which i also can't get enough of. and this cardigan. and the shoes. and the bag. and the hat. oh dear, can you tell that when i find something that i really like or that looks nice, i wear it to death?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

a camel with spots

blouse & shorts - topshop, bag - UO, cardigan - tesco

ahhh, just when you thought i'd forgotten about polka dots!

in the same way that i'm aiming to replace my black bowler hat with a straw hat for summer, these denim shorts are hopefully going to become the summertime replacement for my much-worn and loved leather shorts. they're probably a little too short really (i hate my legs!) and so will most likely end up not wearing them with bare legs, but for now they look great with tights.

i knew i'd wear this cardigan lots (i think you'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming months), and apologies for holding this bag in almost all of my posts lately, but i love it. i'm starting to realise lately just how much accessories can complete an outfit.

p.s - sorry for the shabby photo quality here, it was so cloudy and dull this day and my boyfriend/chief photographer was getting all huffy and cold, so these were kinda rushed.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

burgundy and beige

bag - UO, cardigan - my boyfriends, dress - topshop

this dress was a recent online purchase, but when it arrived i was really dissappointed because it wasn't the colour it looked in the photo - so i've actually sent it back. i really shouldn't wear pale beige-y colours like this because i'm so pale that they look odd on me.

short post today, i've got to start studying for my exams that i've just signed up for!

Monday, 7 March 2011

pink & stripes

cardigan & bag - UO, striped top - asos, dress - topshop

um yeah so i don't think i'll ever stop wearing this hat. i've tried but, it seems like it'll be on my head for at least the next 3 years. (the same applies to these shoes.)

anyway, about the outfit, i want to wear this top with almost everything, and this time decided to pair it with the girliest, most floaty dress i own. i have lots of ideas of how to wear it with some of my other things, too. it's funny how one little top can make you excited about your wardrobe again!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

the girl in the striped dress

dress - topshop, shoes - topshop/ebay, cardigan - tesco, bag - UO

after searching for hours and hours for a new cardigan, with no luck whatsoever, and realising that i may just have to pay £836283 for that really nice one in urban outfitters... i found this one. and where did i find it? in tesco, of all places! for 50% off! i was so pleased, and have worn it lots and lots since. it's really soft, and the colour seems to go with every single thing i own.

this dress is a new'un, and is continuing my newly re-ignited love affair with stripes. it's a real nice fit and has short t-shirtish sleeves which makes it nicely casual and it'll probably be great for summer. it felt like it needed something, though, so i added this collar (part of a crochet-ish topshop top) underneath, and was so pleased with the results. oh and this bag is new too.. it's bigger than my usual bags and i love the handle.. something that's been missing on previous bags, and now i don't think i could ever use a handle-less bag again.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


dress & cardigan - topshop, hat - h&m

how amazing is this dress! i mean it has boats on it... BOATS! it's so cute and just the best colours. it's also a great shape, it poofs out below the waist so covers all my lumps. will be wearing this a lot. also just bought myself a straw boater hat, which i'm grooming to become my summer replacement for this hat, which i imagine would look too harsh in summer. but for now i think it's too soon, and just too damn cold, for a straw hat.