Thursday, 30 June 2011

life's a peach

blouse - UO, shorts & wedges - topshop, hat - h&m

this blouse is another urban outfitters sale find! it has teeny tiny dots on it and i just love the colour, infact i love this blouse so much that i wore it straight out of the package... hense the creases. i am sometimes the worst blogger!

it was too cold for bare legs but too warm for tights, so knee highs seemed like a good compromise.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

crochet & stripes

dress & cardigan - topshop, boots & hat - asos

snagged this cardigan in the topshop sale. i wasn't immediately sold on it, i'm not really a pink kind of girl, but this is a nice dusky pink and this is my way of doing crochet without displaying my arse/boobs to everyone. decided to wear it with one on my favourite dresses, this dress brings my love of stripes to a whole new level - despite it making me look kinda pregnant?!

despite not being a fan of dressing in summer, i have to say the more outfits i put together for the warmer weather the easier i find it. the english weather really doesn't help though; one minute it's windy, cold and tights weather, the next it's warm, legs and no layers weather.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

stripes & midi, again

skirt - UO, t-shirt - boyfriends (topman), hat - h&m

so pleased i rediscovered this hat! i'd forgotten how much i loved wearing it. this top is actually my boyfriends, i was wearing this skirt with a different top and spotted this in his wardrobe and suddenly i knew i had to wear it with this skirt. i realise this outfit is very similar to one i wore a couple posts ago (striped tee, midi skirt & hat) but for some reason i'm a bit obsessed with how striped tops look with midis...

i got this skirt in the urban outfitters sale for half price! i actually almost bought it instead of the aformentioned midi in the other post, but i'm glad i waited and snagged myself a bargain. all the sales are happening at once and it's reallllyy hurting my bank account.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

burgundy & navy

blouse & shorts - topshop, bag - UO, shoes - river island

there's something about burgundy with navy that i really love. i think jewel colours are my favourite to wear, even though they're typically autumn colours. this blouse is going to get a lot of wear... it just goes with everything.

it still wasn't warm enough to go tights-less, although truth be told i'm always a lot more comfortable in tights than i am bare legs.

Monday, 20 June 2011

burgundy and light pink

blazer, top & shorts - asos

oh hello, accidental all-asos outfit! actually, even the shoes and hat are asos...! sadly most of the photos i took of this outfit were rendered useless due to the waistband of my tights being clearly visible above the shorts, bugger. i managed to salvage a couple though.

i love this combination of burgundy and light pink! i'm really not a pink girl, but i knew these shorts would go with everything and i've been dying for something scalloped too.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

denim & leather

denim shirt - thrifted, lace top & shorts - topshop

a slightly less girly look today! i love wearing dresses, but sometimes i just wanna throw on my old denim shirt and worn-in leather shorts and go.

you may have noticed i'm wearing tights - the english weather lately has just been beyong rubbish. it's the middle of june and it was cold and windy, awful! i took this oppurtunity to wear my leather shorts, i've missed wearing them in the warmer weather but it was cold enough to wear them and not feel silly. i wore these all the time in winter, they go with everything!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


top & hat - asos, shorts & loafers - topshop

this blouse is the nicest colour! it appears to be glowing in these photos... it's not quite as bright in person though. but i love the cut of it, and the little collar just gets me everytime. i'm not usually a bright colours girl (i'm trying really hard, and apparently failing, to have a predominantly pastel wardrobe this summer), so this is easily the brightest thing in my wardrobe.

this outfit, while being pretty nice, is an example of the boring summer dressing i mentioned in my last post. wearing just these few things makes me feel so plain! nomatter how nice the individual things are, i never feel quite 'stylish' enough. it doesn't help that i'm the worlds worst accessoriser!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

midi again

top & skirt - asos, hat - h&m

definitely getting a lot of wear out of this skirt! it seems to go with almost everything in my wardrobe, so expect to see it a lot more!

whilst i really like this outfit, i'm really missing layering. the warmer weather is great but wearing outfits like this, which are so simple, make me feel like i'm dressed rather boringly. i think that's why some of my favourite bloggers right now are australian, as they're now dressing for autumn! i'm just not great at summer dressing, but i'm going to make the most of this lovely weather and attempt to actually get some sort of a tan this year.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


blouse - topshop, skirt - thrifted, hat - h&m

look who's back! yah, after being shunned for the past few months in favour of my straw hats, i decided it was time to wear my bowler hat again. i've actually really missed wearing it and definitely noticed the difference it can make to an outfit compared to if i'd worn a straw hat instead.

this skirt is so fun! it's actually meant to be knee-length, but i'm soo not a knee-length girl, so yanked it up to right under my boobs and now it's the perfect length. also decided to try something different with my blouses and tied the bottoms of this amazing coloured topshop beauty, which i think looks great and changed the whole feel of the outfit instead of just tucking it in.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

white, lace & 5 years old?

dress - asos, hat - h&m

as soon as i saw this dress on, i added to basket sooo fast. i love skater-style dresses as i find them quite flattering for my figure, and i'm loving white lately, and i've always loved lace. so this was a complete no-brainer, despite it potentially looking like something a 5 year old would wear to their birthday party (infact that makes me love it more).

Sunday, 5 June 2011


skirt & top - asos, cardigan - tesco, hat - h&m

i never, ever thought i'd see myself wearing a midi skirt. but after seeing blogger after blogger wearing one and looking amazing, i convinced myself it was time i tried one too. i knew exactly what i wanted - sheer, pleated, and in a lovely pastel shade. as you can see, i found the perfect one. i had so many concerns before i tried it on; i'd look stumpy, it'd be too see-through, it just plain old wouldn't suit me. but i love it. twirling in it is just the most fun i've had with clothes in ages.

i wore it with this white crop, which is so nice but the weirdest fit, it's all baggy round the arms. and i always jump at an oppurtunity to wear this cardigan. i think it looks best with pastels.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

burgundy / cream

cardigan - topshop, striped top - new look, skirt - f21

only a couple of shots of this outfit because the photos didn't come out very well. (i hate when that happens!)

this outfit is kinda matchy-matchy, but i love burgundy with white/cream. i love how it's warm enough to have your legs out, but still cold enough to wear a cardigan over things. the thing with england is that it can change from being warm one minute, and then cold the next, even in summer, and it's pretty hard to dress for weather like that.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

just a little bit windy

blouse - topshop, skirt & hat - asos

as you can see from photo no. 3, it was VERY windy this day! i thought i'd throw that shockingly bad photo in there just for some lols. i purposely wore my flounciest top to make the photos a bit more interesting. i'm really loving sheer things right now. as for this top, it was in the topshop sale and despite it being really not 'me', i thought why not try something different. i quite like it, but it was super difficult trying to find something to wear with it.