Sunday, 31 July 2011

denim, burgundy and dots

vintage shirt, topshop shorts & boots, asos bag, h&m hat

another post with this shirt.. and another post with these shorts. the shorts are amazing though, they combine 2 of my favourite things, burgundy and polka dots. and this shirt, well, is just so comfortable. and these boots never leave my feet.

this isn't really the kind of summer outfit i'd like to be wearing, but july has been so cold and miserable that tights and things are just the only option. i guess i'm destined to stay ghostly pale for another year!

Friday, 29 July 2011


1. vintage denim shirt, asos shorts, scarf c/o roamkix vintage
2. new look top, asos skirt

just a couple of photos of outfits which never made it to proper blog posts. usually this is because the photos came out baaaad, which has been happening a lot lately because of the dull weather.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

denim and pink

denim shirt - f21, skirt - UO, boots - topshop, bag - asos

this is an example of one of those outfits that i like at the time, but i look back on these photos and think, UGH. i'm getting this a lot lately - i'm really feeling stuck in a fashion-y rut. i try to buy things i love, but at the same time occasionally buying things which are a bit different to try and push myself out of my fashion comfort zone. even then, there are things i'd love to try (i've been thinking about trying tapered trousers in a lovely colour for a while now...) but i just know my body shape won't work with them, i hate when that happens!

then again, i've always prefered dressing in autumn/winter/spring than summer, i guess because of certain issues with my body (i really, really don't like my legs, meaning tights with no shorts is a real struggle for me!). thank goodness all the shops are already stocking a/w things - i'm already looking forward to layering more!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

black and burgundy

jumper, shorts & shoes - topshop, bag - asos, hat - h&m

trust me, i didn't want to wear a jumper in july, but it was 13c and windy and i definitely needed it. this also applies to the tights. ideally i'd have worn these amaaazing shorts with no tights and a cute blouse. hopefully england will get itself together soon and give us a real summer.

i'm pretty sure i'll never get sick of polka dots.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

peach and stripes

skirt, jumper & shoes - topshop, bag - asos

i love the idea of peach with navy & white stripes, so this outfit was a joy to wear. it's hard to believe i'm wearing a jumper in july, but the english weather has been so awful lately that it feels like january (it's supposed to rain constantly for the rest of the week so posts might be very few and far between for a while!). but yes, i'm wearing a jumper, but the material of it is so thin and lightweight that it doesn't feel like one. besides, with topshop already stocking hats, coats and scarves, i'm already looking forward to autumn (my favourite season for dressing!).

i spotted that carrie had done a blog post (< click link!) after buying this same suede skirt and also finding the length a bit too long. i'm way too awkward at sewing etc to attempt chopping the bottom off like she did, but i'm so confused by the length of the skirt - i think it looks alright in these photos but when wearing it it felt way longer!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

dots & camel

dress - clothing@tesco, bag - asos, boots - topshop

quite a simple outfit today, and one i wasn't sure about at first. this dress is, in theory, really not me. yes, it's polka dots, but the shape of it (v-neck, excessive frills, tie waist) is really not something i like. but when paired with my go-to cardigan, favourite new boots and bag, and yes, that hat again, it suddenly became much more likeable.

i'm thinking of selling some of my clothes on ebay, would any of you be interested?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

mint, camel & nature

blouse - c/o chicwish, shorts - asos, hat - h&m, boots - topshop

so, i pretty much can't get enough of these shorts, despite their ability to crease within 5 seconds of wear. i couldn't really have imagined wearing my new blouse from chicwish (which they sent me along with the dress) with anything else.

we found a nice pretty spot for photos, but would you believe that right behind that first layer of pretty flowers is a motorway?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

polka & pink

blouse & boots - topshop, bag - asos, skirt - UO

so, it was my birthday on friday and to celebrate i decided to go shopping. my first stop was, as always, topshop. the sale was on so i was super excited and didn't know where to look first, so i wandered over to the shoe section. there, staring at me was these perfect perfect boots. black and wonderful, go-with-everything boots. but oh! no! they were a size 6 and i am very much a 7. but, out of sheer determination to own them i tried them on anyways and.. they fit! it was a birthday miracle. the best part... they were only £20!

anyway, enough of my shoe story, and onto the outfit. this skirt verges very much on being grannyish, so i decided to toughen it up with aforementioned boots and my old favourite hat and some polka dots.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

fan print

cardigan - topshop, bag - asos, dress - c/o chicwish

hi! this is my first proper 'courtesy of' item i think, and i couldn't be more pleased with it (thank you chicwish!). the print is just so sweet and, despite me being a poo blogger and not getting a shot of it thanks to my mass of hair covering it, has the biggest (and therefore best) peter pan collar too. don't think i'll ever stop being obsessed with them. it also has my favourite kind of shape too, where it flares out under your boobies. so good for flattering my less-than-flat stomach! i have to say though, i don't want to become one of those 'courtesy of' bloggers where almost everything in the outfit was free.

the lighting in these photos is shockingly poor, i've felt like the worst blogger lately because i just can't seem to get my photos to look as dreamy and nice as i'd like. despite having a DSLR i really have no idea how to use it properly and i'm sooo not a photographer, sometimes blogging can be so tough, especially when you end up with photos that you're just not happy with despite loving the outfit. half the time i'm convinced the photos don't show quite how nice my outfit is! well, i can only keep trying!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

frilly camel

cardigan - clothing@tesco, bag & shorts - asos, blouse - vintage

here's a slightly better shot of my new bag, and how cute is it! it's another one of my sale finds, this time from asos. it's just big enough to hold the most important stuff (purse, phone, keys, lipbalm and gum) and it is just ideal.

these shorts were also a sale find from asos, i'd had my beady eye on them for a while but at £85 they were waayyy too expensive (and to be honest they're not the best quality for £85), but when i saw they were just £21 i knew i was having them. they're a little creased in these shots (wearing straight out of the package again, tut) but i couldn't wait to wear them. i'm picturing them with polka dots....

p.s check out an interview i did with the lovely ilana of mymodernvintagefashion, here!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


tee & skirt - topshop, boots - asos

how much do i love this tee? um, quite a bit. i've loved fleetwood mac since i was small as they're one of my dads favourite bands so there was lot of album-listening when i was young. very happy to have snagged it - though the material is really thick so wearing it on this hot day wasn't the best idea.

i got this skirt in the topshop sale, i was tempted to buy it when it was full price but i'm glad i waited. it's so so heavy though, and you only do it up with these poppers, so my boyfriend spent the whole day threatening to rip them open, leaving me stood there with the skirt around my ankles. charming. whenever i sat down at least one of them would pop open, so you have to be careful! it's such a nice colour though, and my very first suede purchase.