Friday, 30 March 2012

doing double dots

blouse - whistles, trousers - topshop, shoes - UO

super quick post today! i decided to mix up my favourite pattern, and hoped for the best.. i quite like the result. but how could i not, it's my favourite blouse and my favourite trousers in one outfit!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

stripes & sun

top & shorts - topshop (old), coat - warehouse, shoes - UO, necklace - c/o little nell

i bloody love a good stripe. give me either a stripe or a polka dot and i'll be happy (i'm pretty sure you've noticed this by now). this outfit would be great without the coat and tights, too, although the thought of getting my pasty little legs out right now fills me with dread....

the lovely penny sent me this necklace! i've been looking for a necklace that involved turquoise for ages and this really fits the bill. she has some lovely stuff in her shop so i suggest you all head over there RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

teal heel

jumper & shoes - UO, skirt - h&m

a nice comfortable, simple outfit but with some actual heels! despite saying in my last post i'm a flats girl, it is nice to wear heels once in a while. i don't own many pairs, probably about 3 (i know, i know...) but these ones really jumped out at me, the colour is amazing, i usually go for black shoes but this colour is pretty versatile too.

i've been a really poor blogger lately. sadly i lost my usual photographer and now my mum takes all my photos, down the side of our house - she really tries, bless her, but they never come out well and the locations never change (i don't live in a beautiful city unfortunately....). this makes me quite unhappy with my photos and therefore i just don't want to post as much. i know it's supposed to be about the outfit, but we all know there's so much more to it than that. hopefully my posts will be of a better quality soon.

Monday, 19 March 2012

comfort & converse

coat - warehouse, blouse - whistles, jeans - topshop (oooold), shoes - converse

whilst i don't consider myself a very 'dressy' person anyway, this is my version of dressing down a bit. really it's just a normal outfit but with jeans and my trusty converse instead of a skirt and slightly less comfy shoes. i'm always much more inclined to throw on my converse than any other kind of shoe - they're so flippin' comfortable and go with most things, and they're the perfect shoe for walking round the shops in, which i do a bit too often.

i don't understand people who only ever wear heels and say things like 'i don't own a flat pair of shoes'. seriously? i am so much a flat shoe girl, as i'm sure you've noticed!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


shirt - f21, trousers, shoes & hat - topshop

looking very teal here. but i'm pretty sure these two colours go well together (right?). but i really don't need any excuse to wear these trousers, they're my all-time favourites, i really can't get over them. and as for this blouse, it's so bloody nice. what a colour. when i saw it on the f21 i was all ready to snaffle it up, but they only had it in a size L, but i loved it so much i bought it anyway, and i'm glad i did because it's not that big, and i like stuff oversized anyway.

excuse my wacky face...

Monday, 5 March 2012

teal, brown and dots

coat - warehouse, blouse - whistles, skirt - c/o minkpink, boots - dune

this colour combo is really doing it for me. when the lovely people over at minkpink offered to send me something, and i chose this skirt, i thought 'that's going to be tricky to wear' as not much stereotypically goes with brown, but this suede skirt is such a lovely shade, that it really will go with a lot of colours. i'm thinking of it with mint green next...

and, oh dear. this blouse is the most i've ever spent on an item of clothing. but it's polka dots...