Monday, 28 February 2011

unintentional colour blocking

cardigan - boyfriends, top & skirt - topshop

i actually really, really don't like the colour blocking trend that's so crazy huge right now. i dislike bright colours and i really don't like wearing them unless the colour is really special. so you can imagine how shocked i was to be wearing this outfit! i'd wanted something red for ages, ideally in the form of a blouse, but this skirt caught my eye. it also happens to be a-line, which is something i really wasn't sure about, but i'm glad i went for it.

this blouse actually has scalloped sleeves and hem and the collar is scalloped too (although it's not as obvious), i can't wait to wear it without layers to really show it off. i seemed to really want to wear red, black and white this day... i'm even wearing red lipstick! i think this is quite an officey outfit and is a lot more formal than what i usually wear. (oh and just to mention, someone asked me whether i wear my blog outfits to work and i can sadly say no, i don't. i have to wear horrible smart things to work.)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

meat is murder

cardigan - new look, smiths t-shirt - ebay, lace dress & coat - topshop

i initially planned to wear this outfit without the t-shirt, and just wear the lace dress and cardigan, but i felt the urge to wear this top. it's super old and i actually wear it to sleep in usually, but i wanted to show my love for morrissey this day. i like how i could just about manage to peek the little peterpan collar of my dress over the top of it.

pictures 1 & 2 demonstrate the annoyingness of the sleeve length of this coat. it'll be fine in spring when i'm wearing short sleeves underneath but when it's still pretty damn cold and i want to wear a cardigan, there's some severe overlapping. oh well, i'll pretend i did it on purpose, like some kind of mega cool layer-er.

these woolen tights kept falling down allll day and frustrated me beyond words. i hate tights that fall down over your arse and you have to keep yanking them up and flashing your bum at people all day!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


cardigan, blouse and skirt - topshop, shoes - ebay/topshop

as much as i love this cardigan, and i really do, i'm getting sick of it. but i own surprisingly few cardigans, especially considering how much i love cardigans and how much i always feel the need to wear them over EVERYTHING. but it's so hard to find ones i like, i'm getting way too picky. i'm going to make a conscious effort not to wear this one for quite a while. can any of you suggest me a really nice cardigan? i'm desperate.

i'm not feeling this outfit. i like the pieces on their own, but it's too samey when all-together. i'm trying to wear things/combinations that i normally wouldn't, and this just feels too.. obvious. i'm getting bored of the top/skirt or shorts/cardigan combo that i always always go for. i seem to have fallen into another outfit rut...

(apologies for this very moany post!)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

rainy daze

jacket & shorts - topshop, scarf - thrifted, shoes - topshop/ebay

super quick post today, the weather has been awful lately hense the umbrella making an appearance. many things have annoyed me about this photo - unrolled shorts hem, bad quality photo and wonky jacket, but i wanted to post it anyways!

my cousin has recently opened up a vintage clothes shop on ebay, there's some really great stuff in there so you should have a look! (and, very weirdly, without having even seen my blog at that point, had called the shop 'my foolish heart'. it really spooked us out!)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

stripe tease

cardigan & necklace - UO, shorts - topshop, stripes - asos, shoes - topshop via ebay

stripes again! could it be that i'm actually getting bored of polka dots...? the answer to this is obviously no, but it's nice to wear stripes sometimes. after putting this top in the wash for the first time, it's actually shrunk upwards but also stretched outwards.. you almost all got a flash of my ribs. it might be just in my head that this top looks great with this cardigan.. but i'm determined to wear this cardigan to death. the colour still kills me.

due to miserable english weather, i've had to do a lot of outfit photos inside lately, which i hate to do. the lighting is poor and the choice of backgrounds is very low, however on the plus side at least there's no wind to blow my hair in my face!

i'm selling some of my clothes on ebay, most of them you'll have seen here on the blog at one point or another. have a look!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


all topshop :/

oops, accidentally all topshop again...! i hope i don't look too much like a real-life mannequin. trying out the hairbow again, but i'm thinking i shouldn't have paired it with these dungarees. small child outfit alert! i'm going to try and dress less cutesy in the future.

i was also featured on! i'm very flattered, and they did a great job of recreating my outfit.

Monday, 14 February 2011


scarf - h&m (old), jumper, shorts & brogues - topshop

this might be the first time you've ever seen my hair up. i don't do it often, mostly cos i don't like my face being so 'out there', but also because i have so much damn hair that it's very difficult to get it to look right. but this felt like a hair up outfit.

my love for these shorts, and ultimately, all things polka dot, continues. nomatter how hard i try they seem to work their way into almost all of my outfits! the scarf had been stuffed into my bag full of scarves for years without me really wearing it at all, so goodness knows what inspired me to match it with this outfit.. but i just knew it would look nice. the little pom poms on the ends are so cute.

p.s - i'm looking to buy a 50mm lens for my camera, but i have to sell my 75-300mm lens first. i don't suppose any of you would like to buy it (for a super reasonable price) ?!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

brown & stripes

trench, skirt & shoes - topshop, striped top & tights - asos, necklace & hairbow - UO

i realised once these photos were taken that instead of looking like i'm wearing tights, it looks like i've got veeery tanned legs. i quite like this outfit but the photos didn't come out so good, i look very short and the brown tights make my legs quite wide. every now and then i'll like an outfit that doesn't necessarily flatter me or my shape, but if i like it i tend to wear it anyway.

after deciding i simply couldn't keep wearing my bowler hat in every single post, i thought i'd try out other headwear. this bow is really cute, but makes every outfit instantly look quite childish. and i'm trying to replace some of my excessive polka-dot outfits with stripes!

check out my interview with the lovely rebecca from the clothes horse. it was the most fun interview i've done so far! you can read it here.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


dress worn as top - asos, shorts, coat & shoes - topshop

this dress required some serious tucking in to make it pass off as a top. i hate it when you want to wear a top or a dress with something high waisted, but it's so chunky or there's so much of it that it's soo difficult to tuck it in and not look like you're wearing a nappy!

i bought this coat after seeing a couple of my favourite bloggers (trini and bekah) wearing it. it just so happened to go into the sale and i knew i needed it. it's a bit light for winter weather really, especially with its shorter sleeves, but i'll still wear it. it's going to be just right for spring. this is about as far as i'll go with trying leopard print... i want to love it, but it's just really not 'me'. a collar like this or a belt is as far as i can go without feeling too.. tacky? it looks great on others but really not on me.

Monday, 7 February 2011

polo shorts.

cardigan, shorts & loafers - topshop, blouse - asos, hat - h&m, bow brooch - vintage

oh hi stumpy legs and scraggy hair! sigh.. after taking countless photos this was the only one that came out okay! being a blogger can be so frustrating sometimes.

i love this outfit! it's not very wintery, but i don't care, that's what coats are for! i fell in love with these shorts the minute i saw them.. anything polka dot-y is like heroin to me lately. (although if you look closely they're not quite polka dots.. they're actually like tiny little polo's.) and seriously... someone take this hat away from me. i can feel it becoming physically attached to my head.

this blouse is like a cape. sort of. it has floaty panels at the front that make it look capeish. i love it, it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. i've been trying to buy more things that go with everything, as i've got some great shorts but could never find anything to wear them with.

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Sunday, 6 February 2011


cardigan - UO, blouse & shorts - topshop, hat & bow necklace - h&m

this outfit is very blue & green. i thought it might be too many shades, but i quite like it. it's not that easy to tell in these photos, but the blouse is actually mint green. i've wanted something mint green for so long, it's such a beautiful colour. and yes, the hat again.. but honestly, every time i wear an outfit, i put the hat on top and the outfit looks twice as good. and as for these shorts.. i'm in awe. navy and tassels.

mr stylish heart was on a trip this weekend so these photos were actually taken by mother stylish heart. i think she did a good job!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

stars & no stripes

dress - vero moda/asos, cardigan - topshop

these photos are kinda boring, but that's because i took them just to see what the dress and cardigan looked like. i was planning to turn this into a 'should i keep these' type post, but i have already sent them back! oops. the dress was a strange material and the cardigan was just a bit too oversized, and not as brown as it looked in the photos. i hate when that happens.

have sort of, accidentally-on-purpose ordered lots of things lately, so will have plenty of new stuff to show you all soon! (nothing makes me happier than buying new clothes/recieving online orders.. i might need to get out more.) always feel guilty after buying though, so i'm considering a complete clothes buying abstinence for the month of march. would be so difficult but i need to do it.

also, thanks for all your thoughts on a potential blogshop, am going to look into it this weekend!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

furry dots.

polka dot playsuit - vintage, furry jumper, jacket& scarf - topshop, shoes - UO

i was really pleased with myself when topshop came out with a dress that was practically the same as this playsuit.. but about 3 times the price. i felt smug all day. and of course it inspired me to wear my version. was a chilly day though so it needed layering up, and i couldn't wait to wear this furry jumper again.

the more i wear these wedges the more i think they're not really very 'me'... so i was thinking, maybe they're very 'you'... i've been thinking about opening up a blogshop! i have no idea how it works though, could any of you drop me an email and explain to me how to set one up? (real computer spaz right here). more importantly, would any of you be interested in buying anything?