Monday, 26 April 2010

the high road is hard to find

blouse - h&m, loafers, shorts - topshop, cardigan - h&m via ebay

a very simple outfit from the weekend. i got the shorts on sale, online from topshop. i can't believe how crazy people get over the topshop sale - i checked it online at 8.30am when i got into work, and pretty much all of the good stuff was sold out! which is why these shorts are a size too big for me and keep falling down :( but i had to have them. i also got a cute striped pair which i'll be wearing soon.

next on my shopping list is more basic tops to wear with all the shorts i keep buying, as i can't keep wearing this blouse! not least because it is so ridiculously sheer that i'm afraid to wear it out where anyone could see me. depsite the availability of basic items i always find them the hardest to buy - i have trouble liking them, and hate parting with my money on such simple items, but i guess sometimes they are needed.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

lifes a beach?

dress, shoes - topshop, hat, bag - h&m, cardigan - h&m via ebay

i managed to visit the beach again this weekend, although it was preeetty windy and my hat kept blowing off. i really love the print of this dress (i seem to only buy dresses from topshop lately...), it reminds me a lot of luella. as soon as i bought it i knew it would be perfect with ankle socks and these shoes. and i am definitely over-wearing this cardigan, but it is so soft and comfortable.

thank you everyone for your sweet comments! it's really surprised me that people are responding so well to my blog!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

interview with a blogger

the very sweet cailin of birds of a feather has done an interview with me over at her blog. it's the first blogger interview i've ever done, so i hope it's okay and i didn't ramble too much! let me know what you think of it!

click here to read the interview!

Friday, 23 April 2010

evening sunshine

jumper, loafers - topshop, bag - ebay, high waisted jeans, sunglasses - h&m, belt - thrifted

simple and comfortable evening look for driving to my boyfriends and going shopping for our dinner. (yes that is morrisons you can see in the background). this holey jumper carries on where my holey cardigan left off. holey clothing seems to be an obsession, along with the straw hats. i don't often wear jeans, or trousers, but the jumper didn't quite seem to work with shorts or skirts. also wearing my huge round sunglasses, not quite sure they suit my face, but i have bought 3 pairs of round sunglasses in the last month. i spy another obsession on the horizon...

Monday, 19 April 2010


hat, sheer blouse, bag - h&m, boots - topshop, shorts, cardigan - ebay

i really am becoming obsessed with straw hats.. next on my woven headgear checklist is a boater hat. i think this would complete my straw hat trio nicely - floppy, boater and regular. i feel like a good hat can really add to an outfit. i had been looking for this cardigan for so long, it's originally from h&m and regretted not buying it when it was in shops, as it sold out. i managed to find it on ebay for £5 though and i love it, its super soft. the shorts are also an ebay find, 99p! they're pretty worn but i really needed some navy shorts.

i hope this warm weather continues for as long as possible! i'm hoping to go to the beach again this weekend.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

the tourist

floppy hat - h&m, denim shirt - thrifted, sunglasses, dress & boots - topshop

some photos my boyfriend snapped of me when we went for a wander around the city. (that's norwich, uk for anyone who doesn't know) these were taken outside norwich castle, so apologies for me looking definitely like a tourist. it's a pretty simple outfit, but i think the hat makes it a bit more interesting. i actually bought the hat about 30minutes beforehand, but couldn't wait to wear it so had to whack it out for photos. these sunglasses are wonderful but they have a strange gold bar in the middle which looks very weird in photos, like i have one of those nose strips on that stop you from snoring. suchhhhh a warm weekend, it felt like summer!

Monday, 12 April 2010


some photos from my weekend.

1. a general outfit shot. wearing my grey jumper with a really annoying cut, and my new ebay-bought shorts, 99p! they're very well worn, and i haven't got round to altering them yet so the knee-length hem is being held up with hair pins.
2. i went to the fair! my boyfriend won me a stuffed penguin.
3. another outfit from the weekend, sadly the light means you can't see the lovely floral print of the dress. i think i look a lot like a nurse here.
4. my pastel yellow nail polish. i love experimenting with nail polish, i'm not really one for changing my hair as it's so temperamental that i daren't change it for fear of angering it. what do you think of this colour? my workmates didn't like it - i got told it looked like my nails had been dipped in acid!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

beach baby

cardigan, dress, loafers - topshop, hat - h&m, bag - urban outfitters

i took a trip to the beach this weekend, was still a bit cold but after what feels like years of rain and wind, nothing was going to stop me from going out with fewer layers. i feel like i may be wearing this hat too often, but it goes with everything! and makes me feel instantly summer-y.

i would like to say thank you to everyone who is following my blog, having had it for less than a week it's a really great thing to have followers already!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

my angel rocks back and forth

cardigan, dress, boots - topshop, hairbow, bag - h&m
this is a very topshop-y outfit, apologies. i was obviously feeling quite romantic this day, i don't normally dress quite so girly as this. the cardigan is a new purchase, and honestly not so practical for difficult winter-to-spring dressing, the holes in it + windy day = frozen arms. also wearing my mouldy boots, i promise they are floral, but in anything but a close-up they look as if they've gone past their boot sell-by date. i'll try to take a close-up of them over the weekend.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

we dance alone.

dress - topshop, denim jacket - thrifted, straw hat - h&m, boots - topshop, bag - h&m

so, i've started how i mean to go on - with horribly embarassing blog photos! the first photo is a great example of how difficult it was to get outfit photos this day, the english wind is ruthless and for some reason, doesn't seem to care that it makes my hair go up my nose. some of you who might have seen my posts on lookbook will have already seen this outfit, but it's the best i can do until the weekend.
i like to call this dress my hillbilly dress, when i wear it i imagine that i should be on a prairie somewhere. wearing a denim jacket and a straw hat with it doesn't help.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


just a couple of photos from the weekend. i'm afraid i have no close-ups of my outfit, that's something i'll start doing now i've started a fashion blog, i guess. anyway, this blouse is very, very sheer, and i probably wouldn't consider wearing it out in public without covering it in cardigan. the cardigan is an ebay bargain. it's actually a little thicker than i was imagining, it has almost jacket-like qualities.

if anyone is actually reading this at this moment in time, i'd really like to know what you'd like to see here, and if you have any tips.

obligatory first post.

hello! i thought it's about time i set up a blog, i'm always reading fashion blogs and i finally felt inspired enough to create my own. it'll be pretty slow on updates for a while i imagine, while i find my blogging feet, but i hope to get pretty alright at it.