Tuesday, 6 April 2010


just a couple of photos from the weekend. i'm afraid i have no close-ups of my outfit, that's something i'll start doing now i've started a fashion blog, i guess. anyway, this blouse is very, very sheer, and i probably wouldn't consider wearing it out in public without covering it in cardigan. the cardigan is an ebay bargain. it's actually a little thicker than i was imagining, it has almost jacket-like qualities.

if anyone is actually reading this at this moment in time, i'd really like to know what you'd like to see here, and if you have any tips.


  1. Hey,welcome :)
    I know you from lookbook,you`re added to my favoriteas :)
    I`m following you!

  2. About tips,I would change the header,it all looks too simple and also,make the photos bigger.Also,it would be great if you write where all your clothes are from :)

  3. Love your outfit. I love seeing ankle socks with shorts and loafers. Cute sweater.

  4. @Mila

    thank you! yes, i know the header is really pretty rubbish, i'm working on it.. i'm finding blogger pretty hard to navigate actually! and i tried to make the photos bigger after i posted it and saw they were too small, but it wouldn't let me.. it's probably really easy, and i'm just being a blog spaz! definitely a work in progress at the moment! but thank you for following me!

  5. I just found ur blog. And i already.. love it.

    xoxo from sweden.

  6. hey, can i know the brand of the cardigen??


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.