Thursday, 8 April 2010

my angel rocks back and forth

cardigan, dress, boots - topshop, hairbow, bag - h&m
this is a very topshop-y outfit, apologies. i was obviously feeling quite romantic this day, i don't normally dress quite so girly as this. the cardigan is a new purchase, and honestly not so practical for difficult winter-to-spring dressing, the holes in it + windy day = frozen arms. also wearing my mouldy boots, i promise they are floral, but in anything but a close-up they look as if they've gone past their boot sell-by date. i'll try to take a close-up of them over the weekend.


  1. I have discovered today that you have a blog!! I follow you from Lookbook!! You are one of my favorites!!! Love your style!! You are inspiration for me!!!

  2. We have a same dress,mbut mine isn`t pink,it`as something between light blue and grey.
    Love this combination <3 <3

  3. I love that cardigan and the whole combination with the dress etc! And and and I like your blog! I follow! <3

  4. You are finally on blogger! I have been waiting for this moment, you are my favorite look booker! I love all of your outfits. I actually saw this picture of you wearing these boots the other day and just about died...I have been wanting those boots but they are sold out everywhere! So frustrating! x


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.