Monday, 27 September 2010

polka-dot crazy

mostly all topshop!

i seem to only wear this cardigan with polka-dots! it must just really go with dots. i bought this blouse a few days ago (from topshop, where else..) and it's really amazing. kind of sheer, though.. sorry about that! this was a very comfortable outfit, which is something i always gravitate towards. i think that if an outfit isn't comfortable, then it's not enjoyable wearing it. sometimes yes, it's fine to suffer a little to look good, but i try to avoid that. i have no idea how some bloggers can walk around all day in heels! i just don't have the tolerance for that. i spend most of my days (when i'm not working, that is) slobbing about at home or at my boyfriends, driving my car or prancing about the city. none of those things require heels, just comfort, but i like to think i dress pretty okay for someone who dresses mostly for doing nothing much at all!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

inspector gadget

hat - h&m, trench - topshop, dress - asos, shoes - can't remember!

i feel like inspector gadget in this outfit (unintentionally!), with the mac, bowler hat and shiny shoes. this dress is actually the one i bought after asking for your suggestions on peter-pan collar dresses, so thank you to one of my kind readers who pointed me in the direction of this one! the price really surprised me. it's so plain but the collar really gives it an edge, and i really love it.

and yes, it's that hat again...!

the other day, i got to thinking, how nobody i know is really into clothes/blogging the way i am. i know very few people with what i would call 'good style'. how many of my readers live in/near to norwich, uk? it would be great to meet a few of you so i could actually have someone to talk to about all this blogging and fashion stuff!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

black and white town

jumper & shorts - topshop, shoes - asos, hat - h&m

this outfit is very black and white - and that includes my hair and skin! this is such a cosy jumper, but the fluff from it goes everywhere. i spent the whole day constantly picking out white fluff from my hair and tights. these shorts are a recent buy, they're not perfect (perfect leather shorts seem to cost a less than perfect price), they're actually skirt-shorts, so they're a bit puffy at the bottom so they look a bit like a skirt. i still like them though, and they'll go with lots of things.

this hat is barely leaving my head. whenever i buy something new that i truly love, i don't stop wearing it for weeks, until i get something else new and it gets tossed aside. i'm very mean to my clothes.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

bowled over

everything from topshop except the hat, which is h&m

as soon as i saw this hat i knew i had to have it. i'd been searching for so long for a bowler hat, and while this one is slighty bigger than the h&m ones i'd seen on other blogs, i still love it. it makes every outfit twice as interesting. i've become such a hat person lately.

i felt really good in this outfit, if i could dress like this every day i'd be happy. this is without a doubt my favourite dress ever. i've worn it in previous posts as a top and also wore it out once as a jacket. and apologies for over-wearing this jacket, but you will be seeing a lot of it in the future!

i've also been searching everywhere (online, that is) to find a new dress for a work do on friday. i would like something with a peter pan collar (can't get enough of them), but for some reason they're really hard to find. does anybody know of any amazing ones i can find online?

p.s you may notice i've dyed my hair - it's a lot darker than usual, but i'm getting used to it. it was meant to be dark brown (my natural colour) but it's come out black. eek.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

it was one of those days

cardigan, loafers - topshop, playsuit - UO

i love this playsuit for two reasons. one, it's generally just so pretty! and two, it looks like it's two seperate things! if i get bored of this playsuit, i can put some shorts or a skirt over the bottom half and it'll be like a whole new outfit!

before choosing this outfit, i was sitting and staring into my wardrobe for at least 20 minutes and getting really depressed as i couldn't seem to pick out a single thing i wanted to wear. i mean; i had some things i could have worn, but it was one of those days where i hated all my clothes and i got very fed up. then out of nowhere this cardigan and the playsuit jumped out at me and i couldn't believe i hadn't worn them together sooner.

p.s, sorry for the poor picture quality, i have no idea what happened there.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

we used to wait

grey dress, jacket - topshop, shoes - vintage, scarf - thrifted

i didn't feel like dressing up much this day. i threw the plain grey dress on, as i was having one of those days where i just don't feel like i have anything to wear, and so only something plain would do. but then i decided to jazz it up with this scarf and the shoes. i'm still not sure if the shoes quite go with the scarf. normally i never, ever mix prints but this wasn't too extreme.

also, i think this is the first time you've seen my new jacket, which i am completely in love with. those of you who have as big a love for topshop as i do will probably recognise it! it goes with everything in my wardrobe bar none. rather than hang it up on the coat rack i've kept it on a hanger on display in my room.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

dot dot dot

spotty bomber jacket - thrifted, black high-waisted jeans - h&m, buckle wedges - asos

let me introduce you to my best thrift find ever! (though, that's not saying much, i have terrible luck with charity shops, i can never find anything really.) it's so wonderful! it's like brand new, i don't think it's ever been worn. it has round gold buttons that really give it an edge. i don't wear it as often as i'd like though as it's hard to find things to pair with it!

also, apologies for having a very creased top! i know that's a big fashion faux-pas but sometimes these things happen.
also hellloooo to all my new followers! and another big thank you to everyone who reads or comments on my blog, it means the world to me you guys.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

solitude is bliss

big black jumper, loafers - topshop, playsuit (worn underneath) - vintage

first off, sorry for only posting 1 or 2 photos in my posts lately, i just can't seem to get any more than that which look decent enough to post! i truly take an awful photo, and sometimes even the ones i post aren't up to scratch, really. my face hates the camera.

yes, it is this jumpers second appearance in as many posts, but it's so comfortable it's unreal. and i wanted something to layer over this playsuit rather than wearing a cardigan. it was far too long though (leaving only about an inch of playsuit left at the bottom) so i had to improvise and sort of roll it up a bit. also trying out knee-highs again. i just can't seem to get on with them, they're always super tight around my thighs (though this is probably due more to thigh size than the socks) and i always feel like a schoolgirl. going to persevere though and push through this!