Sunday, 31 October 2010

goodbye october, hello november

everything topshop except asos boots and h&m hat

i really like the way the sunlight looks in these photos, and despite it being preeetty much november, i was surprised at how warm it is today. i was able to go out without a jacket and not entirely freeze myself to death.

i really like this outfit, especially how the polka-dot blouse adds just a tiny bit of pattern to an otherwise simple outfit. i really must apologise, this blog has become all about polka-dots, this hat and these boots. but i really feel no outfit is complete without them! especially the hat, i think rather soon i'm going to have to have it surgically removed from my head. i almost bought the same (or very similar) one in grey, but wasn't sure it'd look quite right.

happy halloween everyone! i've spent my day making pumpkin pie (which i'd never eaten before, and after tasting it decided i definitely don't like it...), creepy crawly cakes and bat biscuits. i might post photos of them later! i haven't dressed up this year, but if i did i think i'd know what to be.. from the comments i got on my last post, i think i'd make an excellent wednesday adams! (which is by no means a bad thing!)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

wasting time, hanging out

dress - asos, cardigan - topshop, hat - h&m, shoes - office

i pondered for ages whether to get these shoes. i really like them, but i'm not sure they're very 'me' .. and when i don't think something is very 'me' i can take hours to decide whether to get it. in the end i went for it (the fact they were 50% off had nothing to do with it of course...), and i'm glad i did. sooo pointy. still not sure i can pull off leopard though.

i was in a good mood this day because my hair was being good for once. it never goes naturally wavy like this, but for some reason this time it did. haven't managed to get it to do it since. sigh, being a girl is tough.

and another outing for this dress, which i really love. i love how the collar goes all the way around the neck so you can wear it flopped over things.

also apologies for my inane paleness here, the winter cold combined with the retarded flash on my camera means im going to look pretty damn ghostly in the coming months.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

polka dots and purple.

cardigan - ebay, top - top part of playsuit, shorts & boots - asos

i bagged this cardigan for cheap on ebay, but as it's a size L i wasn't sure what it would look like, but i think it's just the right size. i don't really like tight clothes at all (except jeans). i'd been looking for a top or cardigan with this type of polka dot print for a while and am so pleased to have found something. polka-dots are just the ultimate pattern to wear and style!

and as for the hat, in what is probably its 900th appearance on my blog, i'm finding it very difficult to not wear it with every single outfit, it's just the perfect finishing touch to everything i end up wearing. someone needs to take it away from me, it's like a drug.

Friday, 22 October 2010


jumper & jacket - topshop, scarf - thrifted, hat - h&m, boots - asos

quick outfit post, just wanted to show you this outfit. it's pretty casual for me (basically just meaning i'm wearing jeans rather than dress/shorts), i usually try to resist wearing jeans as i find it hard to make them look stylish in the way i'd like them to. i used to wear jeans every single day, mostly up to the point i discovered blogs/lookbook and realised it is possible to look amazing in dresses. i used to never, ever wear dresses. it's been a big change for me over the last 18 months, going from jeans, jeans and more jeans to dresses and nothing but dresses. but this is the way i wear jeans, which is just very casual with a comfy jumper and jacket.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


cardigan - thrifted, blouse - top part of a playsuit, leather shorts - topshop

very black and white! even my hair looks especially black here. the thing i like most with this outfit is how the wooly cardigan contrasts with the leather on the shorts. this is a very comfortable outfit to wear, too.

i'm carrying this little bag everywhere with me lately. i usually carry a big bag with lots in for every possible eventuality, but i've managed to stuff so much stuff in here. i'm not one of those people who changes bags for different events, i will use the same bag non-stop for months, mostly because swapping all my various crap from one bag to another is very tiresome.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

velvet + collar = wow.

jumper and dress - topshop, velvet collar and boots - asos

isn't this black velvet collar the cutest thing? as soon as i saw it online i knew it would make so many of my dresses and outfits so much better! why buy a host of expensive peter pan collar dresses (which yes, i'm completely obsessed with) when i could just buy a collar and attach it to my existing dresses? it does have the issue of getting completely twisted around though, hense the slightly wonky look of it in these photos.

also, the obsession with these boots and chunky jumpers isn't close to ending it seems.. though at least there's no polka dots here!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

scarf = autumn

playsuit worn underneath jumper - UO, jumper - topshop, boots - asos, scarf - really old, maybe h&m

polka-dots, again! quickly becoming a big obsession. i layered this super-cosy jumper over this playsuit, because i thought it'd go really well with the dots and this shade of blue. i think it looks okay! i've done a bit of DIY with this scarf. it used to have long tassels at the end, but i dislike tassels on scarves as they just get in the way, so i snipped them off to create this blunt-ended scarf, which i much prefer.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

accidentally swedish.

jumper & shorts & bag - topshop, scarf - thrifted, boots - asos

i have to say, this is probably one of my most favourite outfits i've worn in ages. i felt very swedish in it! this is the kind of look i come across a lot on swedish blogs/lookbookers. that's most definitely a good thing though.

this is a very comfortable outfit, too. the bonus with these leather shorts is they dont crease, which for someone like me who enjoys sitting and being a slob sometimes, is a good thing. without the scarf the outfit would have been very simple, so i added it to make the outfit a bit different.

as for the boots, i'd seen them on before and loved them, but at £55 they were a bit too expensive. then, the other day, i saw them in the sale for just £16! i ordered them straight away. they also do them in brown but i thought the black would go with more stuff, and i was right - i've already worn them without at least 2 other outfits so far in the space of a couple days!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

again and again

jacket, blouse and boots - topshop, hat & denim shorts - h&m

i know i'm wearing it again, but i promise this'll be the last time you see this hat for a while, i've been wearing it in far too many photos lately. it does go with everything though, and gives outfits just that bit more of an edge.

my obsession with polka dots doesn't seem to be dying down quite yet! my absolute favourite pattern, much better than stripes.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

purple and tweed

big huge massive jumper - topshop, shorts and tweed boots - asos

i can't seem to stop wearing this jumper. it's so comfortable, and the more i wear it the more worn-in and cosy it gets, it's a vicious cycle. plus it goes awesomely with things like these new shorts. asos have them in about 5 colours, and these were actually supposed to be burgundy, which these are definitely not, but i love the colour all the same and i'll be wearing these a lot.

i ordered these boots at the same time, as i was in need of a new pair of boots that i can wear to death. these fit the bill perfectly. they're tweed, which is something i thought i'd never wear, but they are great.