Wednesday, 27 April 2011


dress - topshop, boots - asos

quick post today! apologies for the blurry photos, no idea what happened! despite having a DSLR i know nothing about it and always use it on the auto settings. such a spaz. so, the outfit, this is my red dress i wore a few posts back - but worn backwards! i was looking at it on the hanger and thought, hold on, i could probably wear this backwards! i know it's kinda unconventional to wear clothes the wrong way round, but i actually think it looks better this way, just a bit more interesting.

Monday, 25 April 2011

down by the docks

dress - c/o motel, cardigan - h&m, shoes - topshop

the lovely people over at motel contacted me and asked me to choose something from their summer collection to wear and show you guys. the one thing my wardrobe is missing is a navy dress, and considering navy is one of my very favourite colours to wear, i pretty much had to choose this dress. it's such a nice fit, and the cut-out back is a great touch. they also do it in red, too! it was so hard to choose as they have a lot of pretty dresses.

we took these photos down by the docks, and knowing that we were going there, i had to dress with a slight nautical theme. this cardigan was an obvious choice! i really am liking stripes lately.

you can get 20% off any orders at motel by using the code 'stylish heart' !

Sunday, 24 April 2011

happy chocolate day!

dress - vintage, cardigan - tesco, hat - asos, shoes - topshop

i can't believe this weather we've been having! since when was it this warm in april? anyway, no outfit feels complete anymore without this hat. it instantly makes what i'm wearing feel twice as summery.

this dress is an ebay purchase which i paid way, way too much for a couple months ago. when it arrived it was different to how i had imagined and i became a bit 'meh' about it and never wore it, but all of a sudden i decided it was time to give it a go, and i like it. the material is weird and it's too long (hense the belt to pull it up a bit) but it's actually really nice afterall. and it goes nicely with the socks and shoes. i used to hate the socks with shoes trend, i think because i have to be careful which socks to wear or else my legs look super stumpy, but i love these white ones with these clog wedges.

and happy easter everybody!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

denim & dots

shirt - vintage, shorts & clog wedge shoes - topshop

busted out some topshop clog-ish wedge shoes i got last summer. i barely wore them then, but they seem to go with more of the clothes i have now. they're surprisingly difficult to walk in, it's like walking with bricks strapped to your feet, but they're very comfortable.

just threw this outfit together quickly, which is something i don't do often - i tend to really plan my outfits, and even then suffer from 'would it look better with this instead' or 'maybe i shouldn't wear this with that' etc. i'm definitely prone to overthinking my outfits. i wish i could be more effortless with my dressing... sadly that's just one more reason why i'll never be alexa chung!

Monday, 18 April 2011


blouse - topshop, cardigan - tesco, shorts - f21, hat - h&m

i'm not sure about this outfit. i ordered these shorts from forever21 after seeing them online, they looked great on the model - but sadly they look not-so-great on me. the material is very thin and creases easily, and i don't think they're very flattering. it's a shame as the colour is lovely. forever21 seems to be very hit and miss.

what i'm wearing also seems kinda formulaic, shorts+blouse+cardigan. there's nothing wrong with that of course, but i've been trying to push myself out of my shorts+blouse+cardigan comfort zone lately. more dresses and skirts is what i'm aiming for these days. not that i'd ever stop wearing shorts, or cardigans, they're 2 of my favourite clothing items!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

double dress

lace dress & dungaree dress - topshop, hat - asos

this post is to show you how to wear as many topshop dresses as possible. well, i'm only wearing 2, but that's one more than is probably necessary. the lace bit you can see, which i chose to wear as a top, is a lovely topshop dress, and it just seemed like a good idea to wear this dungaree dress over it. i'm actually very impressed with how it looks! i really like this outfit, and i think the double-dress is something i might do again! (probably not a great idea when it gets a bit warmer, though).

despite the lovely warm weather we've been having, i think this outfit proves i'm not quite ready to give up on layering just yet...

Thursday, 14 April 2011


t-shirt & skirt - f21, cardigan - my mums, hat & shoes - asos

ah sunny days, how i love you. i'm not exactly dressed in very spring-y colours here though! and i never thought i'd wear brown, but this plain t-shirt was weirdly appealing. especially combined with this cute lace skirt.

i'm really enjoying this nice weather! after such a cold winter, i'm welcoming it with open arms/bare legs.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

red camel

dress - topshop, cardigan - tesco, shoes - RI @asos

the obsession with red continues. i've wanted a red dress for ages, and when i saw this one, i thought about it for ages but eventually caved. the only downside is the crochet panel, it's lovely but in this windy spring weather leads to rather cold ribs.

i'm not too happy with how these photos came out; they were taken pretty quickly and for some reason i look stumpier and whiter than ever - but i wanted photos of this dress! i also love how red looks with camel.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

pale & polka dots

blazer, blouse & hat - asos, shorts & bag - topshop

oh hi incredibly white legs! i'm sure they're not quite this pale in real life, but hey-ho, i'm not ashamed of how very pale they are. i don't think it's anything to be embarassed about like i think it used to be. pale is interesting right? i still wouldn't say no to just a little bit of a tan, though...

can't get enough of this blazer/blouse, it's such a nice fit and so floaty too. this whole outfit is kind of floaty, actually. i'm really loving flowy, girly things lately, and things that are kind of oversized and unfitted.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


jumper - f21, skirt & bag - topshop, shoes - RI @ asos, hat - asos

i guess this is my own interpretation of colour blocking. it's a trend i very much dislike, but red has always been one of my favourite colours to wear, and it's not actually that bright, so i'm not sure this would even count as colour blocking.

this is the first time i've been able to go tights-less this year, and it was a pretty nice change. and, yup, this hat again! it's going to be in all of my posts from now on, you might get sick of it but i'm not going to apologise, because i love it!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

spring forward

shorts - topshop, shoes - RI @ asos, hat - h&m, collared blouse - asos

when the weather got a little warmer last week, i tried to find the most spring-inspired place to take some photos. let's be honest, daffodils = spring. i took these photos in one of my favourite parks in norwich.

the blouse i'm wearing is actually an amazing pale blue colour, which i'm not sure you can see so well in these photos. it's long enough to be worn as a dress too, so expect to see it again soon. i love clothes that are versatile, i enjoy being able to wear something as a top and a dress, or a dress and a skirt.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

sheer disbelief

sheer floral blouse - topshop, cardigan - tesco, skirt & hat - asos

a nice comfortable outfit for a warm-ish day. this blouse is like a cape, it's ridiculously floaty and girly. depsite loving florals i don't own many, i'm very picky with my floral prints and most just don't feel right. this one made the cut.

england (or the east, at least) has been having some really great weather lately and i'm so thankful, it makes taking outfit photos so much easier. whilst i'm the first to admit i don't like summer dressing - i hate getting my legs out, i always miss layering, and i think i look kinda boring in summer clothes; i'm really enjoying the warm days we've had so far.

today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog! thank you to everyone who reads it and inspires me to keep posting!

Monday, 4 April 2011

black & sheer

blouse - oasis @ asos, hat & shoes - asos, shorts - topshop, cardigan - my mums

i would like to point out before i say anything else that i had no idea quite how sheer this blouse was - apologies for my outrageous bra-flashing. i wouldn't have posted these if it wasn't for the fact i love this blouse, sheerness and all.

and, yes really loving this hat and shoes. i might wear them forever.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

braces, a bee and the beach

skirt - vero moda @ asos, top - asos, espadrilles - river island @ asos, hat - asos

finally managed to snag myself a pair of tie-up espadrilles! i'd been after a pair for so long but every pair i came across were a bit less than perfect, and i knew exactly how i wanted them to be. then i came across these and they were just right. i've never 'added to basket' so quick! yes, pretty much all of this oufit is asos - can you tell i made an order the day i got paid this month? the braces attached to this skirt are amazing (if a little long - i think vero moda must think people have giant-like torso's), without them i wouldn't have considered this skirt at all, but they make it that little bit different.

can you see the necklace i'm wearing? i was sent it by les jumelles, who do some really amazing vintage-inspired jewellery. this particular necklace has a little green bead and a cute little bee on it. but me being a tad forgetful, forgot to take a close-up photo of it! trust me though, it's lovely.

i took these photos on a trip to the beach, this cute little park is right on top of the cliffs and nicely sheltered from the wind that always seems to accompany warm days lately. this outfit felt very beach-y, i think it's the straw hat, which i love and refuse to take off. black hat, consider yourself replaced.