Thursday, 2 September 2010

solitude is bliss

big black jumper, loafers - topshop, playsuit (worn underneath) - vintage

first off, sorry for only posting 1 or 2 photos in my posts lately, i just can't seem to get any more than that which look decent enough to post! i truly take an awful photo, and sometimes even the ones i post aren't up to scratch, really. my face hates the camera.

yes, it is this jumpers second appearance in as many posts, but it's so comfortable it's unreal. and i wanted something to layer over this playsuit rather than wearing a cardigan. it was far too long though (leaving only about an inch of playsuit left at the bottom) so i had to improvise and sort of roll it up a bit. also trying out knee-highs again. i just can't seem to get on with them, they're always super tight around my thighs (though this is probably due more to thigh size than the socks) and i always feel like a schoolgirl. going to persevere though and push through this!


  1. I really really love your style. Just find out about your blog today. I've got two pairs of over knee socks but can't find I way to wear them.. And I love the jumper!

  2. gorgeous

  3. splendid jumper!!! i live in knee highs and better thigh highs!!

    come drop by for a visit or follow too, im about to throw a neat giveaway and there's a sneak peak on my blog! i think you may like indeed!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  4. adorable... you are so gorgeous.
    and i love your style.
    cute polka dots and loafers!!


  5. wow i'm in love with the jumper! I think i may need that for my A/W wardrobe can tell it would be sometihng i couldn't stop wearing! love the blog :)

  6. Love this! Those polka dots are most wonderful. I have a similar problem with knee highs. I've almost entirely given up on them haha.

  7. Love the outfit!! You have taken all of the wonderful fall trends and put them together so nicely!!!


  8. Hi, I just discovered your blog today through Lookbook and I must say I am in love with your style, as in I love every single outfit you put together! I'm looking forward to seeing more! ♥

  9. That playsuit is excellent. I love how you have styled it.

    And I know your pain about the knee highs!

  10. Personally, I love seeing bloggers remix and re-wear clothes over and over. I find it both inspiring and comforting!

    You always look smashing and I will not rest until I have adorable loafers like yours. Hope they come to Topshop Philippines!

    Bea from A plus B

  11. I love this outfit. all of your outfits!

    I found your blog on lookbook a while ago, drawn to your use of the national's lyrics...favorite band ever!!! ahh they make me weak at the knees just thinking about them!!

    anyway, I've just started my own blog which has a couple of questions on it about bloggers and trends.
    I would love, if you have time, whenever you have time, if you could help me with it! I'd love to hear your point of view (:
    The website is:

    i really hope to hear from you soon!

    annah x

  12. gorgeous i love your playsuit, i have a similar one from urban outfitters xx

  13. you have a super style, as a lot of english people !:)
    i will come back , see u

  14. Coup de coeur for this outfit! Love it so much! And the high socks worn with a skirt look stunning!

  15. You look so cute, i adore your jumper. Btw your hair is such a gorgeous colour, so glossy.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie, would love you to check out my blog if you have the chance.

    Robbie xox

  16. you look stunning!

    I'm wondering, are the shoes confortable? Is the sole supple or rigid like wood?



  17. I just found your blog and fell in love with it! You really have a great style!


  18. Love the knitted top and socks!

  19. I love the knee high socks with the brown shoes, looks lovely :)

  20. this looks too adorable. I can't wait to wear over the knee socks! xox
    shall I love you, said the swallow

  21. The socks look great with this Sarah and I love the versatility of that jumper, loving slouchy knits for this year. I feel that way about my photos a lot of the time but trust me you look beautiful, just keep perservering.

  22. parfaite!!!! :)

  23. i really like this outfit!!
    love your style


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