Tuesday, 14 September 2010

it was one of those days

cardigan, loafers - topshop, playsuit - UO

i love this playsuit for two reasons. one, it's generally just so pretty! and two, it looks like it's two seperate things! if i get bored of this playsuit, i can put some shorts or a skirt over the bottom half and it'll be like a whole new outfit!

before choosing this outfit, i was sitting and staring into my wardrobe for at least 20 minutes and getting really depressed as i couldn't seem to pick out a single thing i wanted to wear. i mean; i had some things i could have worn, but it was one of those days where i hated all my clothes and i got very fed up. then out of nowhere this cardigan and the playsuit jumped out at me and i couldn't believe i hadn't worn them together sooner.

p.s, sorry for the poor picture quality, i have no idea what happened there.


  1. you do look great.. and I love your red cardi..


  2. It's wonderful! Isn't that a Johann Earl playsuit? If yes, I've got the one with the floral shorts!

  3. I need the bag in my life =) x

  4. Love the colours in this outfit! x

  5. The colors are a mix of Autumn and Summer, gorgeous.


  6. I love the playsuit for the exact same reason I actually thought it was a blouse and shorts on first look.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. Great outfit! It doesn't look at all like a playsuit^^

  8. Really cute. Love the polka-dots.

  9. Really pretty :) And it does look like two separate pieces!

  10. i totally get those days!! you look lovely thoogh so you def overcame it! ck :) x

  11. LOVE this outfit! You look so lovely!


  12. the playsuit is incredible gorgeous!

    xoxo claudia

  13. great playsuits!! doesnt look like one though!! i love ur loafers :)


  14. I don't do this very often but I went through most of your post and you have such simple and clean yet vintage esque style. It's not my style, but I find myself drawn to it and it looks great on you. Plus, you have such an angelic face!

  15. I'm french (so sorry for my mistakes ^^)
    You looks very gorgeous ! And your outfit is awesome !
    I saw your blog in a french magazin (Style papers) and I'm not disappointed to see it O__O
    You have a real vintage style as I love them !
    Keep it on !

    Kisses from France =)


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.