Friday, 23 April 2010

evening sunshine

jumper, loafers - topshop, bag - ebay, high waisted jeans, sunglasses - h&m, belt - thrifted

simple and comfortable evening look for driving to my boyfriends and going shopping for our dinner. (yes that is morrisons you can see in the background). this holey jumper carries on where my holey cardigan left off. holey clothing seems to be an obsession, along with the straw hats. i don't often wear jeans, or trousers, but the jumper didn't quite seem to work with shorts or skirts. also wearing my huge round sunglasses, not quite sure they suit my face, but i have bought 3 pairs of round sunglasses in the last month. i spy another obsession on the horizon...


  1. I like your shoes and jeans. :)

  2. I love your holey sweater! It's very Rodarte! I really want to find a sweater like that!

  3. I love your jumper and and jeans. Were your jeans recent? I'd love a pair of high waisted ones.

  4. love the shoes!
    Amazing outfit&blog
    I'm a follower now (:

  5. Beautiful photos! I am now a follower :) xx

  6. Lovely ensemble. Your loafers are fantastic!

    xo Cat

  7. thank you everybody for your sweet comments! (and i bought the jeans about 2 years ago now.. but i guess they're a pretty common style so they probably still have some similar ones!)


  8. i am absolutely in love with the way you dress. and you blog of course.

  9. all of your looks are pretty amazing :>
    i now follow.

  10. i like your outfit so much...
    especially the shoes und the jumper!
    L O V E <3

    Sarah from

  11. Classic but chic. Love it!


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.