Sunday, 18 April 2010

the tourist

floppy hat - h&m, denim shirt - thrifted, sunglasses, dress & boots - topshop

some photos my boyfriend snapped of me when we went for a wander around the city. (that's norwich, uk for anyone who doesn't know) these were taken outside norwich castle, so apologies for me looking definitely like a tourist. it's a pretty simple outfit, but i think the hat makes it a bit more interesting. i actually bought the hat about 30minutes beforehand, but couldn't wait to wear it so had to whack it out for photos. these sunglasses are wonderful but they have a strange gold bar in the middle which looks very weird in photos, like i have one of those nose strips on that stop you from snoring. suchhhhh a warm weekend, it felt like summer!


  1. Hey,I missed your posts :)
    I am so in love with those boots!

  2. wow great outfit! love the combination of the shirt and the dress :)

  3. just discovered your blog, i love it! and i wanted to ask what kind of job you're doing.. cause it sounds interesting in your description! :)

  4. ohh jeeez, it has been a good weekend hasnt it :) ( i live in norwich too). i was up castle gardens this weekend, probably walked past eachother, dont you think thats weird? ehehe :)
    i follow your blog, i love it

  5. @Freya Maxine Francess

    haha that is weird! if it happens again we'll have to say hi.

    saturday was so warm, i took some awesome photos from the castle bridge! i love it when it's warmmm

  6. Those boots are just to die for!

  7. great accessories, absolutely love your hat!

  8. saame :) it was lush. definitily say hi next time!
    you'll be like wtf? hahaa

  9. hello! i'm Anne, 16 & i'm French :) i found your blog via i'm deeply in love with the way you dress, this is so nice! well, i wanted to tell you that i've been to norwich from the end of march and the beginning of april, and this is such an amazing city! you're lucky to live there; it's nice, cromer isn't that far, london either. sorry for my bad english btw.. xxx


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.