Friday, 28 May 2010

sunshine funshine

blouse - topshop, hat - h&m, wedges - office

quick outfit post, these photos are from last weekend when the weather was nicer! i didn't actually go out like this, i have to admit. the dress/blouse is far too short/sheer to wear out like this. it would have to be paired with tights and some kind of layer.

i watched the finale of lost this week! it's my favourite tv show ever, ever, ever. i have to say it's confused me no end though. does anyone else watch it? what did you think of the finale?


  1. ahh..your blouse is wonderful...your look is so lovely...i am totally hyped:)

  2. So pretty and i love your sandals! xxxxxxx

  3. You look very classy :)
    That blouse/dress is beautiful!Is it new(I would love to find it in Topshop)

  4. I love this blouse I really want to get the cream or peachy/red version.

  5. hahah no, that can't be for real :D 5 minutes ago i watched the end of lost, too hahaa. i also have to say that it's absoulete my favorite serie. but anyway, i'm just confused like you. what do you think what does the end mean ? but since the last two episodes i always had tears in my eyes :D

    best wishes :)

  6. uuuummmm i love those shoes! :)
    and your hair ha :)


  7. Haha I watched the finale after missing way too many seasons. I had no idea what was happening!

    Love this outfit. That blouse/dress is gorgeous!

  8. the blouse/dress is pretty cute

  9. This looks so pretty! I can't believe it can't be worn as a dress.

  10. i love your blouse! :)

  11. Hi!
    I have discovered your blog through an article written by "etpourquoipascoline", and I love it.
    Your look is so fresh n' pretty.
    Love that hat! Gorgeous!


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.