Saturday, 19 June 2010

you are the blood flowing through my fingers

blazer - h&m, dress & shoes - topshop, denim vest - second hand/DIY

i can't believe it's the middle of june and i'm still having to wear layers! i know england is a pretty temperamental country weather-wise, but this is ridiculous, it feels like november! it's making me cranky because i'm desperate to take photos with decent scenery and sunshine.

i like how the denim vest contrasts with the smart blazer. initially i was just going to wear just the blazer, but felt that was a bit dull so added the denim in. love this dress, although the cut is weird.

i'm currently laid up in bed with a cold (another example of the rubbish summer we're having - i shouldn't be getting colds in june), so to pass the time i'm planning a trip to london for my birthday in 3 weeks. despite not living too far from london (2 hours on the train) i've only been a handful of times. however this time me and my boyfriend plan to stay overnight so we can cram as much cheesy touristy adventures in as possible. i'm very excited, i plan to visit plenty of markets this time rather than oxford street, which is where i visited last time i went but was dissappointed by the shops (not to mention the angry shoppers), so markets it is, i hope i can find some great stuff.


  1. I love your bag and your shoes! They're stunning! The denim jacket really does add something to the outfit, very cool!

    You can't really call it a climate here either, one day it's really hot and then a couple of days later you're still freezing your ass off!

  2. Love the outfit !
    Hoping the weather gets better ;P

  3. i love how you wear the blazer over the denim vest! its pretty cold here in germany too and i also have to wear layers. that sucks. but now i'll wear my denim vest AND a blazer. yay. thanks ;)

  4. lovely pictures *____________*

  5. Cute outfit! I hope the weather gets better and you too. Have fun in London and show us some of your buys when you get back :)

  6. I love London but hate Oxford street, its so busy and annoying.

  7. Hi!
    I like your blog and I`m your follower (with RSS).

    Your layers are wonderful, and I`m surprised to read that you in England also have this strange weather (like we in Germany)!
    I hope so much that the sommer will come!!! :-/

    Greetings from Munich

  8. you insprie me, your outfits are everything i wish for. they are so lovely and put together.

    love from, greer.


  9. wowow great!
    So you and your boyfriend are back together? ^&^
    Hope you have a lovely time in London~

  10. I found your blog through lookbook and I stumbled upon one of your looks! I love this outfit - the layering is done really well, very cute
    follow me?

  11. love the dress so much.
    perfect layering.

  12. good idea to put together a blazer and a denim: it looks good!
    I'm French, and since the beginning of Februrary (this year), I have been living in London very close to Oxford Circus for 5 months, and now, in 2 weeks, I'm going back to France: and if you want to visit markets, I think you should go to Camden Market: I am sure you'll find plenty of dresses and maybe jackets: moreover, over there, I saw a lot of dresses in the same "spirit" of what, apparently, you are used to wear! so, let's go!!
    (it's a shame that you don't go more often in London, especially if it's only 2 hours ago from your home)

  13. Oh, those shoes! I'm drooling over them.

    Hope your cold has gotten better; at least you have that London trip to look forward to!

  14. i love every outfit you wear!

  15. Hiya! wonder where you got your bag from? Thanks!

  16. the succession of layers looks great

  17. do you have any eyelashes?


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