Sunday, 4 July 2010

pictures in an exhibition

mesh jumper - h&m, skirt - zara, jelly shoes - topshop, straw hat - norwich market

this hat is just falling to bits! it's brim is getting bent good and proper and it's straw parts are just peeling off. it was kinda cheap though, so. (i would replace it but i still can't find a decent boater hat anywhere)

this is what i wore on a very muggy day in the city. i browsed the topshop sales but was very sad to find nothing i wanted :(, i hate it when sales are rubbish, because then i feel like i have to buy anything, anything at all just so i can have something new. but this time i managed to save my money!

my evening was spent watching the world cup - i'm rooting for holland to win! (mostly because they are the team i have at work in our work draw - if they win i get £20!) and i'm now going to sit outside in the sun to work on those pale legs of mine a bit.


  1. lovely skirt:)
    and about the topshop -sale.. i really liked it..found some pieces that i wanted to buy anyway...guess i was lucky;)


  2. Looovely outfit, so pretty.
    I love the slouchyness of the jumper with the prettyness of the skirt. :)

  3. Love the jumper ! sure you'll get £20 from work

  4. I love the idea of a draw for teams. That's awesome. I am rooting for Holland too :)

    I went to a Topshop sale this weekend as well and everything was so marked down I felt like I needed to buy more than just one item. The one item was a dress I'd been hoping would go on sale for months now. No matter how many things I tried on I couldn't force myself to get more. Oh well, money saved!

    Your jumper looks so comfortable.

    B from A plus B

  5. this outfit is lovely and the colour of the skirt too :)

  6. The jumper is gorgeous, you look lovey!

  7. I loved your skirt! And I've bought a nail polish of the same color today, I'm very excited! Oh and good luck for the bet!

  8. I love the crochet jumper: it's so comfortable for summer!
    and about Topshop, it's very difficult to find something: they sold items from previous collection which are almost all rubbish.
    but, I have searched, searched and searched again, and I finally found a little tee and a skirt with very nice strapes!

  9. I really, truly love this! It's a classically girlie look that seems somewhat tough. The skirt is just perfect with the baggy sweater. Awed!

  10. did you upload the newer settings for blog posts? when you do, each time you upload a photo, along the bottom of that image is a blue coloured bar with settings; large, medium, x large etc... thats the sizing for your images!

    I struggle with layout too, looks great so far, dont give up until you realize it!

  11. I absolutely LOVE that mesh sweater...wish it was still available at H&M!

  12. i love that outfit, especially the hat!
    you have fabulous style!


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