Tuesday, 17 September 2013

teddy bear

coat - topshop (old), jumper & skirt - zara, boots - office.

i call this coat my teddy bear coat, for reasons that are pretty obvious - this coat is essentially made of a giant teddy bear. which is everything you could want in a coat, right? so cuddly. oh and it goes with everything (i hear versatility is a big deal). i also wanted to post this (crappy, iphone-taken) photo to illustrate that LOOK! AUTUMN IS HERE! LEAVES! i can't say my hair is enjoying the sudden rain/wind situation but boy am i enjoying jumpers again.


  1. Great coat! Love it's vintage vibe :)


  2. That coat is so lovely! It looks so warm and cuddly--exactly like a teddy bear.

    I love that jumper, it's very 60s and nautical, and the mix with the hat the skirt makes for a great look!


  3. I miss your blog posts! I love your hat so much, and I like your taste cause it is so stable and so special for you.

  4. I'm just disappointed the coat isn't still in the shops!! I love the boyish cut and the colour. I love this whole outfit - you have such a chic pared down style!

  5. love that coat!! perfect for fall xx

  6. I love the coat! I'm hoping to find something similar to wear during Autumn. Great outfit. x

    Nerve Wires

  7. This is an ideal autumn outfit! That coat is a classic.

  8. this coat is so lovely! such a perfect fall outfit!

    lindsey louise


  9. Gorgeous coat! Perfect for autumn.

  10. Love that coat, it's very cute *_______*

  11. That coat looks sooo comfy. Gosh I haven't even thought about wearing a coat yet. Autumn/Winter-phobic here! xx


  12. I love the way you use this outfit, looks very casual and nice! I'm in love with the hat!

  13. I love jour coat and shoes.


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