Wednesday, 22 February 2012

duck eggs & lace

cardigan - topshop, dress - pull & bear, hat - h&m, boots - dune @ asos

... i appear to be wearing a dress. this almost never happens! i used to be a total dress maniac, but then i had a change of heart and realised wearing seperates is just a lot more fun. but this one just kinda grabbed me, and i've been looking for something creamy and lace for a while.

it's supposed to be 17c here in norwich tomorrow, which just makes no sense to me.. a week ago it was 0c! i'm not complaining, but england, make your mind up!


  1. You look so lovely & Spring-y. Love the colour of your cardigan.

    Catherine, XO.

  2. such a pretty dress, the colour of the cardigan is also wonderful x

  3. this dress is lovely! I can't believe the weather, completely agree it should make its mind up! x

  4. This dress is so pretty. I bet it'll look even more perfect in summer x

  5. I am totally loving the lace dress or whatever it is, perfect for spring and the warmer weather.

  6. Your dress is so so pretty! Very surprised it's from Pull and Bear xxx

  7. Ahh, you look so adorable! I love the shoestringy bow. Lovely, as always!

    Emily Wears Things

  8. I love your outfits!
    wanting the dress

  9. Aw you look so ready for spring in your little white dress. The color of your cardigan is really nice too. Very cute!

  10. The dress is so pretty, no wonder you snapped it up!

  11. You look absolutely adorable! The colours together are so lovely, and that cardigan looks so so soft. Looks like spring is coming, eh :) xxx

  12. Very cute! i love the fact you always have looks (according to the british weather)
    Alot of blogs i love are luckily enought to have a 12 month summer and can dance around in dresses....without tights! Unlike us!

    Just started up my own little blog, would love your comments and advice :)

  13. That's English weather for you :) Great outfit, duck egg blue is fast becoming one of my favorite colours.
    R xx

  14. That cardigan is so beautiful ! Especially the color :D
    I own a cardigan similar to it, but in a dusky pink <3 Pretty !!

  15. You look so sweet. The color palette is so pretty.

  16. i really love that dress - it is quite beautiful and really flattering a lot of lace dresses seem to be straight shifts, but i really love the cut of this one.of course it's from pull & bear! i want one so bad - my friend in portugal talks about them and gets adorable stuff from there!

    <3 katherine

  17. Cutie style ♥ I love your dress, it's just so lovely *-*

  18. Cute outfit, I love the colours !

  19. Wow so cute!!!

  20. lovely dress!

  21. Love the chunky sweater with the dress! Also, cute boots :)

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  24. I was looking through your old posts and when i got to the question and answer post from 5th September 2011, i noticed you said you were often inspired by other blogs. I was hoping you could give me the name of a few blogs you liked, as i love your style! :)...


thank you so much for all your comments! you're wonderful.